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The Flash 316 Review

The Flash | Episode 3.16 | “Into the Speed Force”

Episode Plot Roundup:

  • In order to get Wally out of his “fate worse than death,” Barry decides to enter the speed force. This time around, he’s faced with the speed force’s frustration over him creating Flashpoint and delivers some guilt through the familiar faces of Eddie, Ronnie, and Captain Cold. The speed force, however, is insistent that Barry alone can save Iris and that he should stop relying on others to sacrifice for him.
  • Jesse is intent on finding and stopping Savitar using the piece that they salvaged last week. The missing piece of Savitar’s armor acts like a homing device and Jesse finds and battles Savitar. She and H.R. figure out that Savitar, beneath the big armor, is only a man and therefore can be defeated.
  • Wally’s hell was revealed to be witnessing his mother’s death over and over again. Barry, intending to take Wally’s place, is saved by Jay, who stands in for Wally while he and Barry escape.
  • In the end, Iris re-accepts Barry’s proposal after talking it out further and he… decides they need space? Deep sigh.

Episode Commentary: I always love a good speed force lesson, only this time around it wasn’t as well-done as “The Runaway Dinosaur.” Last week there was plenty of angst, but the show handled it better than they did in “Into the Speed Force.” The speed force blaming Barry for the sacrifices Ronnie, Eddie, and Captain Cold is a misstep since they chose to sacrifice without being asked. The guilt tripping was unnecessary and contrived romantic drama (Barry leaving Iris at the end made no sense), but it’s not to see the episode was a complete disaster. Wally’s suffering was most definitely felt even though he didn’t appear for long and Jay coming into the speed force to help Barry and then taking Wally’s place was a very well done moment.

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