DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: Getting Back What Was Lost

Supergirl | Episode 2.17 | “Distant Sun”

Episode Plot Roundup:

  • Daxam’s king and queen, aka Mon-El’s parents, didn’t leave Earth’s orbit after all. After Supergirl finds out she has a bounty on her head, she is targeted by a powerful telepath. Mon-El goes to his parents, believing them to be suspects of this new orchestration. They swear they have nothing to do with it, but of course, they’re lying.
  • Queen Rhea later admits to setting the bounty, thinking that if she got rid of Kara, Mon-El would come back to Daxam with them. In order to save Kara’s life after Rhea attempts to kill the Kryptonian herself, Mon-El agrees to come back to Daxam with his parents. Supergirl won’t let him leave and recruits the DEO to help her save him against the orders of President Marden (who is actually an alien herself).
  • Things get a bit awkward after Maggie bumps into her ex. Alex suggest they all go out for dinner, but the ex never shows up. It turns out that Maggie went out with her for five years, but that Maggie cheated on her. Alex is… ok with this somehow and instead looks to focus on why Maggie runs away from everything that is hard for her to face.

Episode Commentary: Teri Hatcher’s Queen Rhea was the best part of the episode. She was villainous and had some great moments opposite Kara. Mon-El’s attempt to bargain with his parents was actually pretty good in that he came up with a great idea: Go to Daxam and make new policies, bring people out of slavery, change the way they rule. But alas, that ultimately fell short of being sincere because he high-tailed it out of there as soon as he could. If he really wanted to be a hero, that was his moment. I found it a bit bizarre that Alex was so chill about Maggie having cheated, but I appreciate that they continue to discuss things in the open. Not a bad episode, but the motivations behind certain characters still remain murky.

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