‘Deadpool 2’ To Finally Begin Production In January

The past couple of weeks have not been nice for Deadpool fans. Not only has the first film’s director, Tim Miller, departed the upcoming sequel, but the film’s composer, Junkie XL also left the project. However, 20th Century Fox are dead set on finding a replacement before the new year, as they desire Deadpool 2 to begin production this January. Last week, it was revealed that John Wick director, David Leich is the front runner to direct the film, while Cabin In The Woods‘ Drew Goddard is also in contention.


According to What’s Filming? The upcoming film is set to begin production this January in Vancouver. While that does not leave much time for the studio to find a replacement for Miller, as well find actors for the coveted roles of Cable and Domino, respectively. It was previously rumoured that Miller left the film due to an difference in opinion regarding who should play the time travelling badass, Cable. Miller wanted Friday Night Lights‘ Kyle Chandler, while the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, wanted a bigger name. The role of Domino is currently in active casting with Ruby Rose, Lizzy Caplan, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead all being top picks.

But what do you guys make of all this? Are you excited for Deadpool 2 or are you a little on the fence following all the behind the scenes drama?

Deadpool 2 is set to hit theatres everywhere in 2018.

Source: What’s Filming? (Via Omega Underground)

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