‘Deadpool’ Sequel Doesn’t Start Filming In January


News went around last week that Deadpool 2 was going to commence with filming in January, but a new report from Collider suggests otherwise. Not everything in production has gone smoothly, with director of the first movie leaving the sequel due to “creative differences”.

FOX are obviously keen to get the ball rolling with the sequel as soon as possible since Deadpool grossed over $782m in the worldwide box office – which makes a January filming date sound plausible. Collider’s sources tell them that when Miller was onboard, filming was actually starting in March.

Casting is underway for Domino and Cable (whom the actor is one of the main reasons Miller departed the project), but nothing is set in stone just yet. So at the moment there’s no director, therefore there’s no script that’s been approved by said director, and there’s characters still yet to be cast. Basically, there’s no way the sets, costumes, and casting will all be prepared in time for January.

You can expect the Deadpool sequel’s filming to be delayed because of this, so the movie is even further away than previously expected. David Leitch, a director and stunt mastermind, had a meeting with Ryan Reynolds not long after Miller left but nothing has been confirmed as of yet – Drew Goddard is another name that’s floating about on the Internet too.

Source: Collider

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      Indeed. They don’t have a director… Who was going to say action, then go for lunch while Reynolds and TJ riff for 2 hours in front of the camera? I mean jeez guys!