‘Deadpool’ Will Feature A Second Post-Credit Scene That Hasn’t Been Seen Yet

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While it’s well known (and expected) that Deadpool will feature a post-credit scene, what wasn’t known was that there will be a second one hooked to the film that no one has seen yet. Well, none of the critics or those in attendance to the early screenings, to be exact. Co-writer Rhett Rheese revealed the following on Twitter:

20th Century Fox has decided to hook a second post-credits scene that will debut when the film hits theaters this week. So, why keep this one a secret? I’d say that it’s likely something very cool that the studio & filmmakers wanted to keep a secret. If the rumors I’d heard about this scene myself are true, fans are definitely going to be happy.

What do you think the scene could be? What are you hoping for? Sound off in the comments section below.

Deadpool hits theaters this weekend.