Deathstroke #31 Review: Batman’s War Is Growing

Deathstroke Batman DCHeading into the second installment of Deathstroke’s Batman-centric arc, the series had a lot to prove as the last issue became bogged down with set-up. Now the first shots have been fired and it looks like an all-out war is brewing between The Dark Knight and The Terminator. Deathstroke #31 does manage to escalate the conflict between the two but still suffers from a few the previous issue’s flaws.

Christopher Priest has added a particularly interesting wrinkle to the story with the inclusion of Alfred and Wintergreen’s friendship. The pair is cleverly woven into the central conflict. They react same way parents would their children were fighting. Hopefully, we will get to see the relationship between them deepen. However, the other relationships featured in this book aren’t quite so realized.

The last issue introduced some short, three-panel interviews with Deathstroke and Batman’s respective sidekicks. Robin’s interview in this issue is particularly poignant, but the purpose and context of these interviews have yet to be revealed. It’s an interesting device to use in this medium, one that normally wouldn’t fit. Honestly, it’s still isn’t clear if it fits. Going forward, we need to know who is behind the camera and why the characters are being interviewed. Perhaps this will be used in a custody battle we’ll see further down the road.

Still, the Robin being interviewed isn’t the one at the center of this war. Damian Wayne is still nowhere to be seen. Damian is a very mature young hero and leaving him out of the conversation isn’t doing the character justice. Luckily, we finally get to see some of that classic Batman rage from Bruce. A shattered picture of Damian beautifully illustrates the damage that this revelation has caused. Batman put a lot of work in rehabilitating Damian. So, this doesn’t just hurt him as a father, but also as a mentor and a hero.

Batman’s first retaliation to Deathstroke’s indifference is perfectly calculated. Not only does it escalate the tensions between the two, but it also shows the reach of Batman’s influence. He perfectly manages to use Deathstroke’s own moral code against him, just as Deathstroke has done to him in the past. This act alone corrects all issues with Priest’s characterization of Batman in the last issue. Batman’s not just angry, he is clearly shaken to his very core and is fighting this war with his emotions as well as his brains.

The final panels of this issue make for a very enticing cliffhanger. You will be begging to see how Deathstroke retaliates. As this arc approaches its midpoint, attacks like these will need to escalate. The fight must become more personal. If it does, we could very well be reading the definitive tale of these two characters.

Final Score: 9/10

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Over time, Jason Todd dons the villainous Red Hood mantle and decides to wage a one-man war on crime. Unlike Batman, he doesn’t have limits though. Red Hood is a proud killer, and instead of wiping crime from the city, he aims to take over the drug trade himself to ensure no one sells to kids. He’s an extremely complex, interesting character, so he obviously needs a talented performer to bring him to life on the big screen.

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