‘Deathstroke’: Gareth Evans Shows Sword Fight Directing Skills In Action Short

Slade Wilson Deathstroke DC ComicsEarlier today it was reported that The Raid director Gareth Evans was in talks to write and direct a Deathstroke standalone film. Best known for helming the Indonesian martial arts film The Raid and its sequel, a short action film by Evans titled Pre Vis Action offers audiences a glimpse of what the filmmaker may bring to the sword fighting scenes that a Deathstroke film will inevitably require.

The short film depicts a sword fight between a young warrior and the assassins who have been sent to prevent her from delivering an important peace treaty. Designed to include fight choreography that was reminiscent of the “style and rhythm” displayed in The Raid and its sequel, the short film provides a taste of what fans can expect from the action scenes in Deathstroke should Evans board the project.

An official synopsis of the short reads as follows:

In a time of civil war, a young warrior is given the task of delivering a treaty between two rival lords. During her journey through the woods however, she finds herself hunted by two assassins intent on intercepting her message of peace in a bid to maintain the fear, instability and violent rule of their leader.

You can check out the video in the post below!

Joe Manganiello, who was cast in the role for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film before Matt Reeves assumed directorial duties on the project and started over with a new story, is on board the Deathstroke film.

Do you think this film makes a strong case for Evans to direct the Deathstroke film? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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