Details On ‘Ant-Man’ 6 Minute IMAX Sneak Peek

Last night I got a chance to see Jurassic World in IMAX, which means that I was one of the first lucky people to get a chance to see the extended IMAX exclusive, sneak peek trailer for Ant-Man.  This footage is exclusive to those who see Jurassic World this weekend so for those who can’t make it, here is a quick description of the new footage shown.

The best way to describe this preview is that it is the second trailer for Ant-Man with extended scenes in the beginning, middle and end.The first thing that we see is the prison fight scene that we saw in the previous trailers, but it takes an unexpected turn when Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) goes from being in a serious fight to hugging the guy who he is fighting. The other inmate is actually a friend of his and this was a prison ritual of saying goodbye to him.

The whole crowd of inmates starts wishing him goodbye as well. It cuts to Scott being escorted by two prison guards and we see Luis (Michael Peña) standing in front of his van ready to pick him up.  The two friends share a humorous conversation about what they have been up to during their ride in his van hinting that they have known each other for a long time. Luis mentions that it is hard for an ex-con to get a job and Scott shrugs it off saying that he has a master’s degree and he will be fine. It immediately cuts to him working at Baskin Robbins.

This is where it heads back into the second trailer footage and shows a portion of what we have already seen. It later cuts to a new scene where Scott walks into a room and shows Luis his new suit and telling him not to freak out as he activates the suit. When Scott disappears Luis thinks it’s a cool trick, but Scott then tells him to look on his shoulder and Scott is standing there and Luis begins to freak out. 

It cuts back to more of the same footage with slight changes and extended moments including an alternate line when Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) says that he needs Scott to be the Ant-Man. Scott responds with, “Wow, Nice Speech”. After the rest of the mostly reused scenes from the other trailer the final clip that we get is Scott and his crew including Luis is planning their heist. Luis gives the suggestion that to make him look inconspicuous that he should be whistling and Scott advises him that that is a terrible plan.

It then makes a cut to Luis in the building wearing a guard’s outfit whistling. Overall the IMAX preview is a longer trailer with some new clips. The biggest insight we got from this is that Luis plays a bigger role than expected and that the film definitely is a very comedic film.

If you can I recommend that you go and see it in theaters. The film looks breathtaking on an IMAX screen in 3D.

Ant-Man will hit theaters on July 17th.

(Christian Michael Stoic)

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Heroic Staff

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