Disney-21st Century Fox Acquisition Talks Begin To Heat Up

Avengers X-Men Fox Disney Marvel Crossover MCUTalks between The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox have reportedly begun to heat up, with rumors of Disney taking over part of Fox’s media empire flying fast.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, while talks had apparently tailed off between the two conglomerates in November over the price of the acquisition, Disney and now also Comcast are resuming negotiations. The Fox assets that would be up for sale, which includes the film studio and several cable networks, is reported to be valued at about $48.5 billion. The 20th Century Fox film and TV production operation and library is the highest valued piece at around $15 billion on its own.

Disney, of course, is no stranger to acquiring huge corporations. Recently, the Mouse House took over animation company PIXAR, comic book powerhouse Marvel, and Star Wars franchise owner Lucasfilm for about $16 billion combined. If this deal were to go through, it would by far mark the largest acquisition of Disney CEO Bob Iger’s reign.

Of course, part of Disney’s interest in acquiring 20th Century Fox would be in adding its Marvel franchises to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, Fox also controls the rights to the six original Star Wars films for a few more years and has the rights to the original film in perpetuity.

Comcast is only interested in part of the assets, to bolster their already buoyant film and television production.

The Murdoch family is reportedly seeking a sale before the end of the year, so should these talks yield results news should be coming very soon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

7 Comic Book Characters Who Have Lost An Eye

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Comic Book Characters EyeEveryone knows the famous expression “I can do that with one eye closed!” Well, for some people, it’s more than an expression — it’s a way of life. Everything from a paper airplane to a speck of dust can cause humans to lose an eye and sport an eye patch for the rest of their lives. Technology is improving to the point where glass eyes and prosthetics are looking more normal than ever before, and with google glasses who really cares how many eyes someone has as long as they are constantly ingesting information?

Comic book characters, even the helpless civilians, are used to bad things happening. Alien invasions or superhero wars seem to be a common occurrence in both the Marvel and DC Universe, but there’s something else that’s common too. It doesn’t matter what comic universe you look at, there is a character in every world who has lost an eye. At the end of the day, eye patches are too damn cool to only be used when a book features a pirate. Losing an eye may suck for these characters, but it usually boosts their aesthetic appeal and gives them a new emotional pain to latch onto as they move forward.

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