Disney Announces New ‘Star Wars: Force For Change’ Campaign

Disney Announces New 'Star Wars: Force For Change' Campaign

With the help of Star Wars: The Last Jedi stars Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill, Disney has announced a brand new campaign for their Force For Change. With the help of Omaze, the new campaign will offer fans an amazing opportunity to appear in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off film, among other things. For those uneducated on the Force For Change campaign, when George Lucas created the original film, he used charity screenings to help boost the morale for children. The official Star Wars: Force For Change website says the following:

With new Star Wars stories on the horizon, Star Wars: Force for Change aims to support the immense passion and goodwill of our fans and promote change through inspiration, stories and meaningful partnerships.

You can sign up by clicking hereYou can check out Ridley and Hamill’s announcement below:

So, what did you guys think? Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood over the next week, as Star Wars Celebration is happening, and we should expect heaps of new Star Wars news! You can check out the latest Star Wars adventure, Rogue One, which is on Blu-Ray and DVD now. The Last Jedi is set to hit theatres everywhere on December 15, 2017.

8 Ways In Which ‘Star Wars’ Can Reach Its Full Potential

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Star WarsThe Star Wars Universe is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time and the high quality of the recent films are not only proving how strong a franchise it is, but also continuing to gain legions of new fans every year. The series is fantastic and Disney’s films have brought it back in favor with both audiences and fans, but like any good franchise there are always ways in which a series can improve and as a huge fan I don’t think the series is at its full potential yet. There have been some minor issues and things that could be done differently that could make the series even greater than it already is and these can be addressed in future Star Wars films and in other mediums as well. With all of this being said it is appropriate to look at some of these issues and see how they can be addressed in a manner that could give everyone what they will want.

Here are 8 Ways In Which ‘Star Wars’ Can Reach Its Full Potential. Click Next to continue.

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