Disney Is Conducting A “Global Search” To Find The Perfect…

This summer was an incredible one for Disney. Four of the top ten films are from their studio, and they have another two films that could easily take that number up to six. The ‘House of Mouse’ is on fire. With this, comes the announcement of a new live-action Disney film, based on one of the studio’s preexisting properties. Of course, the rumoured Mulan remake has taken some ridiculous flack in recent days. Earlier this week, a rumour arose saying Disney were looking for a “white male lead,” only for this report to be shot down by the studio later that day.

It appears Disney is set on making this Mulan film the definitive one, with Sony Pictures also moving ahead with their version, much like Warner Bros. with Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is fast-tracking the film based on the rewrite they read, which was developed by Jurassic World writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. The studio is tentatively holding out a November 2, 2018, release date for the film. In addition to this, the studio is apparently conducting a “global search to find a Chinese lead actress and love interest.” Disney’s recent live-action remakes have been pretty on the ball with casting unknowns as their leads, some examples being Lily James as Cinderella and Neel Sethi as Mowgli in this summer’s The Jungle Book. The studio also asked Life of Pi director Ang Lee to direct the film, but he turned it down. Disney is continuing their search for a director, with a specific focus on Asian filmmakers.

On the flip side of this, is Sony Pictures. The studio behind this summer’s Ghostbusters is also moving forward with a Mulan remake. Much like Disney, Sony “is seeking an Asian director for its project, according to sources, and plans to feature a predominantly Asian cast.” Sony’s Mulan is set to be written by Mirror Mirror writer Jason Keller, and will hit theatres “long after Disney’s version.” An extremely wise move on Sony’s behalf, maybe Warner Bros. should take notes?

So what do you make of all this? Do you want to see two different remakes of Mulan? That being said, it is nice to see two major studios understanding that diversity is essential to the current blockbuster market, and hopefully, both of these films change that.

Disney’s Mulan is set to hit theatres everywhere on November 2, 2018, while Sony’s film has no release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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