If you’re not familiar with M.Night Shyamalan’s filmography, particularly his 2000 release Unbreakable, beware of spoilers ahead!

M.Night Shyamalan has pulled another trick on audience members if reports from the Wall Street Journal are to be true. Not only was Shyamalan’s latest film, Split, able to mask itself as a film that its audience didn’t suspect, but it also managed to make two rival studios work together.

In a twist that managed to outdo Shyamalan himself, it was revealed at the end of Split that the film takes place in the Unbreakable universe. The ending of Split features a cameo from Bruce Willis’ character David Dunn and he mentions Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass. In a surprising turn of events, Mr.Glass was able to forge the origins of both a hero and a villain, with the latter being James McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb, who has 24 distinct personalities.

Disney released Unbreakable back in 2000 and Universal distributed Split with production done by Blumhouse. Shyamalan got the okay from Disney to make a reference to Unbreakable in Split. However, for a sequel, a deal needs to be made between studios so McAvoy’s character can appear in it.

“Disney expects to work with Universal as a partner, and participant in the profits. The two studios have yet to hammer out a deal for a sequel, in which Mr. Willis’s character likely would feature much more prominently, because Mr. Shyamalan is still in the planning stages.”

We’re not sure when the Unbreakable/Split sequel will hit theaters or what it might even entail, but we are certain Shyamalan is working on something.

Split, directed by M. Night Shyamalan stars James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, and Bruce Willis. Thus far, it has made over $170 million at the box office and continues to have great footing.

Source: Wall Street Journal