Dolph Lundgren Confirms His Relationship With Mera in ‘Aquaman’

Aquaman Dolph LundgrenAquaman is still a ways away with its release set for the end of the year. But the hype train hasn’t stopped rolling since Jason Momoa’s performance as the heir to Atlantis in last year’s Justice League. Earlier today, we reported on a rumor that Dolph Lundgren’s King Nereus and Amber Heard’s Mera would have a slightly different relationship in Aquaman than what is represented in the comics. These rumors have been confirmed by Dolph Lundgren himself in an interview published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

On the subject of Aquaman, and on King Nereus, Lundgren had this to say:

It is good to be king. Basically, I try to keep the peace down there along with Amber Heard, who plays my daughter. She’s trying to convince me to join the right side. Then you have Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother. We’re trying to avoid war between the surface dwells and the people of Atlantis.

As stated in our previous article, Nereus in the comics is the leader of a militant group of Atlanteans called the Xebels. As the head of the military, Nereus was to ascend to the throne and take Mera as his bride. In Aquaman, James Wan is reshaping that relationship by having Mera be King Nereus’ daughter.

This may seem like an innocuous change, but with the added information that Mera will try to sway Lundgren’s Nereus to the right side, we may see a very different portrayal of a character who is traditionally an enemy of Aquaman.

What do you think about this new take on King Nereus? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

5 Reasons Michael Bay Is The Perfect Director For DC’s ‘Lobo’

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Michael Bay DC Films LoboOne of the most “in development hell” movies from DC has been Lobo. In fall of 2009, Guy Ritchie was attached to the project, but he left in early 2010 to work on other films. Two years later, Brad Peyton was reportedly going to write and direct the film with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring as the titular character. However, Johnson was soon after announced as Black Adam. Jason Fuchs had been named the screenwriter in spring of 2016 but there still wasn’t a solid director rumored or announced until a few weeks ago when Michael Bay was revealed to be in talks for the project.

Bay has to be one of the most polarizing directors in the last 25 years and I think the criticisms are valid. You’ve got films like The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys and Transformers on one side but then you’ve got some questionable choices in those same franchises as well. But Lobo is something that might be a little different and not the typical Michael Bay experience so there are reasons why this movie might actually work with him at the helm.

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  • akemi

    Dolph is still foxy but that’s not enough to save the future flop known as Aquaman. The plot between Dolph and Heard sounds ridiculous. She’s also a horrible actress.