DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Series Casts Joivan Wade As Cyborg

Joivan Wade Cyborg DC Comics Doom Patrol

DC’s Doom Patrol series has finally found its Cyborg in The First Purge star Joivan Wade.

Doom Patrol is a direct spin-off from Titans, the upcoming series that’s set to premiere on the DC Universe streaming service later this year. The team is set to make its debut in the show’s fifth episode. In Doom Patrol, Joivan Wade is set to play Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg. Here’s the character’s official description:

“Vic Stone is the charming and sarcastic half-human, half-machine superhero known as Cyborg. Vic may be connected to every computer on the world, but he struggles to maintain the connections that make him human. Desperate to gain acceptance from the outside world, Vic harnesses the curse of his cybernetic body and uses his powers as the ultimate hero for the digital age.”

The Doom Patrol is a team of unusual superheroes that would work together to stop equally-bizarre threats in the comics. Joivan Wade joins previously announced cast members Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby, who are on board as Crazy Jane and Elasti-Girl, respectively.

Coming from mega-producer Greg Berlanti, Doom Patrol has landed a 13-episode, straight-to-series order at DC Universe. Jeremy Carver is writing the series and exec producing alongside Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns. The project is targeting a 2019 debut.

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