5 Reasons Doug Liman As ‘Dark Universe’ Director Works


Worked Previously With Guillermo Del Toro

My first worry was how involved will Guillermo Del Toro be? Its no secret that Del Toro has been involved with this film in some shape or form for a number of years. It would be highly unlikely that Warner Brothers would throw away the groundwork he has left.

Interestingly enough, Guillermo actually helped Doug Liman out in the pre-production of Edge Of Tomorrow. He’s credited as “Special Visual Consultant” which is kind of a vague title, but it really means that he helped design the look of the film’s creatures, the mimics. I take that fact as a sigh of relief, by knowing Guillermo and Doug have previously worked together and then Doug taking on one of Guillermo’s projects shows me there will be a fruitful collaboration. Don’t be surprised if Del Toro’s look is all over this film in the creatures and characters such as Swamp Thing.

Nick Navarro

Nick Navarro

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