5 Reasons Doug Liman As ‘Dark Universe’ Director Works


Change Can Be Refreshing

Having spoken about Doug’s track record it is clear that the subject matter in Dark Universe is not really seen in his previous work.

Supernatural elements, magic, demons, monsters. The name Doug Liman surely won’t be the name that first pops in your head. Action is more in his wheelhouse and even if the subject matter is a bit darker than his norm that is probably the very reason that drew him to the project.

Many directors tend to branch out rather than continue to do the same type of film over and over. There are countless examples of directors leaving their comfort zone and succeeding. Could Dark Universe be a lot more “action packed” than some of us were thinking? Maybe.

Is that necessarily bad? It is a comic book film after all and that’s mostly what we all come to expect when we watch them. Then again, this could be the film where Liman attempts to break his mold and give us a completely different experience. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Nick Navarro

Nick Navarro

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