Director Doug Liman On When We Can Expect ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel


Where is that Edge of Tomorrow sequel we’ve all heard about?

I love the 2014 film which is currently at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. And like Tom Cruise’s  Major William Cage and Emily Blunt’s Rita, I can relive the film over and over.  As audiences discovered the Doug Liman-directed sci-fier, on video and cable, they clearly could as well when good word-of-mouth began to spread about the Warner Brothers film which eventually grossed $370.5 million worldwide.

Now with a determined fanbase demanding a sequel and a promise of one from Liman, Cruise, Blunt and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, it all begs the question, “Where is that sequel?”

Collider caught up with Liman to talk about his new film, which also stars Cruise, American Made. So of course, the sequel (which may actually be a prequel) came up.  According to Liman, the team is still committed to making Edge of Tomorrow 2. But it’s going to take a few more days. Actually years.

“Tom and Emily [Blunt] and I are really excited to go do it. We have a script. We’re just trying to find a time to schedule it, between my schedule and Emily’s and Tom’s.”

At least the sequel seems to be something that the three are passionate about doing a great job on for the fans.

“This sequel originated with fans of the original film who continually came up to Tom and myself and Emily and told us how much they loved the movie and would we ever consider a sequel. And enough people said that to me and to Tom and to Emily that we finally sat down and said, ‘What would a sequel even look like?’ We ended up with Chris McQuarrie coming up with a great story.”

Liman confirms that previously announced writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse did  turn in an Edge of Tomorrow 2 script under McQuarrie’s supervision. However, the three are busy. Really busy. Liman just started shooting the YA sci-fi adaptation Chaos Walking, which arrives in theaters in March 2019; Cruise, who is still recovering from his on-set injury,  is about to wrap Mission: Impossible 6 and then start the Top Gun sequel Maverick next year. Blunt just finished  Marry Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place. She could easily get cast in something else.

With Chaos Walking hitting theaters in Spring 2019 and Top Gun: Maverick scheduled for July 2019, it seems like 2019 is the earliest Edge of Tomorrow 2 would get underway. Also, don’t forget by 2019, the ageless Cruise will be 57. Will he still be able to do all the running he has become known for? Until then we will just have to live, die and repeat with the original. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Collider

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  • Cant wait for this sequel, the first one was surprisingly great.