Dwayne Johnson Says He Was Turned Down For ‘Jack Reacher’

Dwayne Johnson Jack ReacherWhen asked on Twitter by a fan why he wasn’t Jack Reacher, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed that he had once actually auditioned for the role that eventually went to Tom Cruise.

Originally, when the casting was first announced, fans of Lee Child’s novels upon which the 2012 film was based were a bit perplexed. Cruise, who is 5′ 7″, didn’t have the stature of the novel’s title character, who towered at 6′ 5″. This disparity left some fans a bit sour.

Johnson, who is 6′ 4″, would have more evenly matched up with the original character’s physique, but Cruise ultimately ended up playing the character.

Despite losing out, Johnson says him being passed over for the role was motivation for him to “always stay hungry.” You can see Johnson’s tweet below.

Of course, Johnson’s career wasn’t hurt in the least by the missed opportunity as he’s now a main player the Fast and the Furious franchise and will be playing the super villain Black Adam in the DCEU.

For his part, Cruise went on to star in a sequel to Jack Reacher, 2016’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and will be starring in this June’s The Mummy revival. You can read our review of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back here.

Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back are available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Johnson will next appear as Hobbs in The Fate of the Furious, which hits theaters this Friday, April 12.

Cruise will next appear as Nick Morton in The Mummy, which arrives in theaters June 9.

Source: The Guardian

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