‘Black Adam’ Actor Dwayne Johnson Meets Stan Lee

Stan Lee Dwayne "The Rock" JohnsonFormer wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson once met with Marvel maestro Stan Lee when the artist formerly known as “The Rock” first got involved with the movie industry – and years later, they have reunited.

Dwayne Johnson shared a heartwarming anecdote about some advice that Stan Lee gave him early on in his movie career on his Instagram page. The actor shared a photo of himself and Smilin’ Stan shaking hands at the Los Angeles Comic Con, where the actor explains that he was incredibly thankful for the advice that he received and is a huge fan of the author’s work:

Given that Dwayne Johnson will (eventually) portray the DC villain Black Adam in a future movie, this is another good show of there being no hard feelings between Marvel and their Distinguished Competition. In any case, it’s nice to see this kind of reunion happen after the recipient of Stan Lee’s advice went on to have a successful career – there’s something of a It’s A Wonderful Life vibe to it.

Black Adam movie is in development for the DC Extended Universe, but no time frame for the project has been scheduled. Meanwhile, Stan Lee has filmed cameos for a number of Marvel Cinematic Universe productions.

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