Edgar Wright Doesn’t Know If He’d Direct A DCEU Movie

DCEU Edgar Wright

Recently, Edgar Wright discussed in further detail regarding his departure from Marvel’s Ant-Man, a film he’d been a writer on before he left as director (although he did get a writing credit). The Baby Driver director was recently asked by Screen Geek if he would ever be interested in directing a DCEU film at some point in the future.

Wright answered honestly and said that he doesn’t really know if he would since he’s “not too familiar” with the superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

“I don’t know. I’m really not too familiar with their heroes, so I couldn’t say which one I would do.”

Wright’s honesty is appreciated. He doesn’t seem very gung-ho about the idea as it seems Wright’s a very passionate director when it comes to his projects. And since he doesn’t seem to know the world of DC Comics as well as he probably knew Ant-Man, for example, then he’d be more reluctant to do a movie within the DCEU. He didn’t say no though, so that’s something.

What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing a DCEU film directed by Edgar Wright? Let us know in the comments section below.

Currently, you can watch Wright’s latest, Baby Driver, which is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Screen Geek

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  • Jacob McMillan

    God damn. Give him Flash, he would be great

    • Maxi Iroh


      • Jacob McMillan

        Oo yeah that would be good

  • Monty

    Flash or GL. He knows how to do a buddy cop movie already.

  • 39steps

    Whether or not he directs a DCEU movie depends on how hard Baby Driver flops. He’s gonna need the work. I expect Guy Ritchie will be singing the praises of DC after King Arthur. The DCEU, where careers go to die.

    • Nando

      LOL you are facking idiot all comment long

    • Bernard Angelo Belleza

      stupid comment is stupid

    • Maxi Iroh

      Guy Ritchie is doing Aladdin for Disney, and Baby Driver isn’t going to flop, the movie is going to open close to $20M and it cost around $40M, also the reviewers are raving about it, so it will have great legs.

  • Bernard Angelo Belleza

    who the f*ck isn’t familiar with Superman and Batman? with more than 10+ movies combined about those two,who in the freakin world doesn’t know bout those characters? but he knew fully well who Antman was?that’s BULLSHIT!maybe he’s still trying to get a job at Marvel.

    • Maxi Iroh

      Maybe he was a Marvel Comics guy as a kid, and it’s implied that doesn’t want to do Batman or Superman.