RUMOR: Could Indie Filmmaker Emily Carmichael Be Directing ‘Captain Marvel’?

3047641-poster-p-1-first-look-at-the-new-captain-marvel-written-by-agent-carter-showrunnerWhile we should expect to hear this news soon as Kevin Feige earlier revealed that they would be making an announcement soon, we might have an idea who could be directing Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel film. Screen Geek was tipped off that the film’s screenwriter Nicole Perlman recently followed independent filmmaker Emily Carmichael.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than her possibly being a fan of her work, there is something interesting that is definitely worth additionally noting.A few weeks ago, the director posted an image to Instagram a few weeks with the caption “on my way to a Disney meeting” which has since been changed. Right now, this is all circumstantional evidence but both bits are very interestingly timed.

I look a way

A photo posted by Emily Carmichael (@kidcandrive) on

Recently The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider hinted that we could see the director of the upcoming film feature the same name as the film’s lead. If Carmichel ends up being the film’s director, could this also indicate that we might also see fan-favorite Emily Blunt as Carol Danvers in the MCU? This is all speculation at the moment but there’s some very interesting things here. Let us know what you think about these possibilities in the comments section below.


Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Carl

    She seems unqualified for the job. She’s cute though.

    • Steve Steve

      She sounds right up the Marvel Studio’s alley.

      I just read that she graduated high-school first in English and 2nd in Physics. It doesn’t really matter, but I like the idea of an artist who understands Physics.

      • The Conductor ?

        sounds right up Marvel’s alley? she hasn’t directed a feature before. You think Marvel is hand Captain Marvel to a director who hasn’t done a feature? She’s talented from what I can see but come on…

        • Chris Johnson

          Funny that you should say that. When the would be director of The Flash was taken off the project, the media and the internet went into a feeding frenzy stating that the sky was falling over at WB/DC. That would be director has also never directed a film before, but that didn’t stop the ridiculous nonsense that ensued.

        • Steve Steve

          Marvel makes a big deal of their support structure for directors. I think it is highly probable that Marvel gives this film to a talented unknown like Emily.

      • Seb

        How so? They don’t make obvious choices any more but they do go for people with some experience. Shane Black had the least history directing but even he had Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and presumably RDJ’s backing for IM3.

        • Steve Steve

          The Russo’s only feature film was You, Me, and Dupree. They also got the meeting because of their work on a low-rated TV show.

      • Carl

        She sounds like a great up and comer but not someone you hand a $100+ million dollar movie.

        Had Marvel ever hired a director that has never worked on a feature length, wide theater release?

        • Marquis de Sade

          Carl, Marvel handed Jon Watts a $100 million+ budgeted Spiderman reboot, and his qualifications are a few Onion webisodes and a micro-budgeted indie called COP CAR, that no one saw and received so-so reviews…So how is Jon Watts qualified, and Emily Carmichael not???

          • Carl

            Well he had one feature length film released in theaters that stared a major Hollywood actor. She has only shorts and animated shorts. No one big time in those shorts either.

          • Marquis de Sade

            Yeah, but that’s not an accurate bar to guage one(s) success on. Josh Trank and Marc Webb are perfect examples. I’m just saying that if the studio system is willing to give neophytes a chance, just be consistent regarding gender and race.

          • Carl

            Yeah, I’m not saying anything about gender. I’m talking about experience alone. Josh Trank made an awesome movie called Chronicle that made a lot of money on a small budget. He earned the chance to make a movie like FF. I don’t blame him 100% for that debacle. It was made to keep the rights and had lots of studio interference. He screwed up too but he won’t get work now because of how he handled the situation more so than the bad movie.

        • Steve Steve

          Alan Taylor. though he did have an extensive directing catalog of major television series, he did not have a wide release film.

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  • Maximillian Pegasus

    It doesn’t matter who’s directing the film, it will be the same movie even if a completely different person were to do it. Small directos that go on to make Marvel movies receive the script with annotations and directions for what to do on almost every scene and they also have Feige on their ear at all times.