Here’s Every Epic Movie Coming Out In 2017, Trailers Included


2017 feels like it’s compensating for something when it comes to this massive release schedule. Get ready for some of the biggest movies in years all colliding at around the same time and competing for your attention.

So in this list, which is in no particular order or rank, I outline some basic expectations and useful developments about these upcoming 2017 movies, if there are any, at least. The main theme this year seems to be: “Remember when Hollywood told you that cinematic universes are totally going to be a thing very soon? Why didn’t you believe them?”

Again, and I feel like I have to say this for emphasis: this is in no particular order. Let’s begin our tour of 2017 with…

#1 Thor: Ragnarok


So what did Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange do after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well, we’re about to find out in a cosmic adventure featuring some of Marvel’s most powerful icons. Coming November 3.

Is there a trailer? Not yet, but we’ll probably get one sometime this spring or earlier as superhero season gets underway.

Likeliness of being good: Moderately high! Though this is coming from someone who didn’t dislike Dark World as much as most and enjoyed this year’s Doctor Strange. That, plus the fact that Ragnarok is directed by Taika Waititi (one of my favorite directors working right now) bodes well for Marvel’s hot streak. The only caveat is that the movie was pushed back for vague production reasons.

Homework: Be sure to brush up on some of Waititi’s recent movies if you haven’t already, including the superb Vampire mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows, and this year’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople.


Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Thanostic

    Please, Hollywood, do not try to make a shared universe with Godzilla & King Kong. That’s a bridge too far.

    Godzilla: Stop it! If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.
    Kong: Tell me…do you bleed? You will.

    Except that Godzilla doesn’t have the restraint necessary to make this plot device moderately interesting. King Kong gets roasted and eaten in 30 seconds.

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      King Kong vs. Godzilla already been done once in 1963 and it was a successful movie. Godzilla is well known for fighting various Kaiju in Japanese Media.

    • Joseph Chaisson

      Please tell me they share the same Mother’s name.

      • Thanostic

        I actually laughed out loud when I read that.

  • Lunkman

    ” So far, these shared universe monster movies have been pretty forgettable and uninteresting”. Really? That’s amazing because The Mummy is the first in the “universe”. Harry Potter’s Frankenstein and the Clash of the Hobbits Dracula are NOT part of this series. Nice research, no wonder they are looking for more writers on this site.

    • Jon Negroni

      Well you’re wrong, but I can understand the confusion.

      This is the first Universal monster movie in their “new” reboot of films, mostly because the last few (including Dracula Untold) didn’t work out and now they’re starting over.

      Beyond that, I’ve been covering this since Wolfman came out ages ago, and even that movie was unofficially reported to be a franchise starter before they tried to kick it off again in 2013 and 2014.

      In other words, I’ve been at this a while, guy.

      • Lunkman

        Let’s consider it a tie- you go with the terrible Wolfman being the unofficial start and I will go with The Mummy being the official start (which it is), in spite of the other 2 movies ALMOST being added to teh universe as afterthoughts. The point is somewhat moot as it’ll likely be terrible and the “Monster Universe” is unlikely to go anywhere. CHEERS!!!!

  • Maxi Iroh

    Agree with most of them, but these ones;
    Beauty and the Beast -> Moderate
    Lego Batman -> Moderately High
    Ghost in The Shell -> Moderately Low
    Pirates of the Caribbean: DMTNT -> Low
    Power Rangers -> Low
    Baby Driver -> Moderately High
    Valerian -> Moderate

  • Can’t wait to see Valerian.

    • Joseph Chaisson

      It looks gorgeous.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    Had some issues with likeliness of being good. I think Spider-man Home Coming should be high. In my opinion, Holland was a surprise in Civil War and did an out standing job. Vulture looks to be a wonderful villain and more intimidating then the comic counter part.
    I also think that Logan should be moderate. The Wolverine, in my opinion, was over rated. And while Logan looks to be a departure from the other films it look dry, it looks slow, and it looks like a western. I could be wrong but the history of Wolverine solo films point to this film being over rated.

  • Carlito Brigante

    Awesome movies coming out in 2017 with trailers: First up Thor…no trailer, but this autoplay ads are just as good!