Ezra Miller On If He Would Cameo On ‘The Flash’ & His Message To Grant Gustin

The Flash Ezra Miller Grant GustinJustice League‘s Barry Allen, Ezra Miller, has commented on whether or not he would cameo on CW’s The Flash TV show starring Grant Gustin.

The crowd exploded with passion at the question that was directed to Miller during Wizard World Philadelphia. Ever since Miller had been cast as Barry Allen for the DC films, fans wondered what that would mean for Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the character in TV’s The Flash, and whether the two would ever share the screen.

This, of course, wound up meaning nothing harmful to Gustin and his TV crew. Both iterations of the character were able to co-exist relatively side-by-side, with Miller only starring in one film (Justice League) and having a small cameo in another (Suicide Squad) while Gustin’s show has enjoyed four-going-on-five seasons on the CW.

Now posed with the possibility of perhaps showing up, even as just a cameo on The Flash, Miller was more taken aback with the incredible fan reaction than anything:

“Wow, that was great … Sorry, the question and then the sound [from the crowd] was great.”

Ultimately his actual response to the question was more neutral and uncertain:

“I don’t know … I have yet to meet or speak with him, but we occasionally speak through the people who are asking these questions. And we say ‘Hi, Grant Gustin. I love you.’ So tell him that, when you see him.”

Unfortunately, it looks like a crossover between the TV and film Barry Allens is not in the works right now, but, hey. A nerd can dream, right?

Would you want to see the two Flashes meet up? Sound off below!

The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West/Kid Flash Here’s the synopsis for “We Are The Flash”:

SEASON FINALE — Team Flash gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe (Neil Sandilands). David McWhirter directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace (#423). Original airdate 5/22/2018.

The fourth season finale airs on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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