Famous Bingo Scenes in TV & Film

We all love a good movie or TV series binge from time to time as they are good ways to unwind and relax after a stressful week. Now more than ever, TV and film directors like to incorporate aspects of modern culture into their work. One area where this is prevalent is the online gaming industry.

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What we found was that bingo, although perhaps associated with an older generation, is still a massively popular game due to the current health of the online gaming industry.

It would be impossible to name every modern film or TV show where a bingo game makes an appearance but some good modern examples are:

Rampage – 2009 mass murder thriller.

In one very famous scene the killer wanders through a hall filled with avid bingo fans, who have their eyes down and don’t even notice him. If you’ve ever been locked in on finding the best new bingo sites 2017 to win on then you’ll understand this almost catatonic state of mind!

When it comes to playing on these great new bingo sites, the pursuit of a new bonus or game can often drive a player to forget the world around them. This is exactly what we see during the course of this scene, which adds a light moment in an otherwise tense film.

Bad Grandpa – 2013 comedy film starring Johnny Knoxville.

The elderly man in disguise takes to the bingo hall to interact with older people, causing lots of offence as he goes. The other players are real in this spoof movie, so just imagine how much they enjoy his company!

Prepare for crude jokes, toilet humour and pranks if you choose to check out this movie. We’d watch it just for the bingo scene but if you’re a fan of cringe comedy then you’ll enjoy so much more. Just be sure you don’t take your gran to see it!

Better Call Saul – the highly rated prequel to Breaking Bad.

Working with those near retirement, the titular character interacts with them through a good game of bingo, catch this on Netflix. Our favourite contemporary bingo scene was probably during Better Call Saul where he was trying to convince those poor folks in the care home to sign up for his services which results in some hilarious outcomes.

It will certainly be interesting to see when the next bingo scene appears on a series or movie. We will be keeping close tabs so be sure to keep an eye on our news section for updates on this hit series.

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Bingo is already becoming a part of pop culture once more, as geek chic and other outdated hobbies come back to the fore. Who knows, we might even see more scenes on crochet and knitting in the future too.

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