Fans of ‘Deadpool’ Movie Get a New Holiday Treat

So far, each day of the #12DaysOfDeadpool promotional campaign has included some sort of material posted by a major website. Today was a slightly different story, as the event continued with an email sent exclusively to those who signed up with Deadpool Core, a mailing list for fans of the upcoming Deadpool film who wish to be kept in the loop on the most recent news.

The email did not contain any real news about the film itself, but rather an email signed by the film’s eponymous hero. In the body of the email, Deadpool delivers a few new images in addition to ones that we have already seen.

Be warned, the following contains NSFW language and references to drug abuse.

Ryan Reynolds, who portrays mercenary Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the movie, also tweeted a version of the email with a slightly different layout. This version is not as readable, a fact which Reynolds uses to tease those who did not join the film’s mailing list.

As is common for the character, the email contains a slew of references to pop culture. Among them are a poke at the new Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, as well as a jab at Ryan Reynolds himself. There is also something a bit more hidden; those who click on the email will be redirected to the following video, featuring the Three Stooges in the film Gents Without Cents.


The Stooges references is a bit clever, as Gents Without Cents features the popular slapstick comedy trio playing fictionalized versions of themselves. It is a film that leans slightly on the fourth wall, a wall that Deadpool is almost certainly going to break entirely. His comic book counterpart is very aware of the medium in which he stars, and the action-powered anti-hero will likely pay ample tribute to the film medium when he hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

Stay tuned tomorrow, as #12DaysOfDeadpool continues with more promotional material from Mashable.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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