‘Fantastic Beasts’: Jared Harris Speaks Out About Fan Petitions Calling For Him To Play Young Dumbledore

If you don’t happen to be in the business of knowing famous actor dad/son combinations, you might not be aware of Jared Harris’ familial connection to the incredible Richard Harris, who portrayed Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films. Jared Harris is best known for his roles in great films including Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films and The Man from Uncle, as well as being a fabulous supporting actor in shows such as Mad Men, and Netflix’s new series, The Crown. Well it seems as though many Harry Potter die-hard’s have discovered his relationship to the original Dumbledore, and are calling (or demanding) that the actor portray young Dumbledore in the future Fantastic Beasts sequels. Well it appears that this news has also reached Mr. Harris himself, as he recently talked about the possibility in an interview with Standard Online.

“They’re obviously thinking about it. I haven’t heard anything and I don’t expect to. It’s not up to me.”

So it’s good to hear that the studio (according to Mr. Harris) is at least entertaining the notion of having Jared continue in his fathers shoes for the foreseeable future. Jared Harris has been continuously wowing me in his turns in both television and film for years now, and I believe he could definitely pull off the immense gravitas that his father was able to command in those first couple Potter films. He went on to state:

“Having seen [fan campaigns] before I find that [film bosses] don’t like to have their hands forced,” he said. “These campaigns almost always go in a different direction.”

So it also sounds like us Potterheads might want to relax a little when it comes to casting campaigns, as it seems like studios and film bosses are not very fond of being pushed in a certain direction. I just hope that we are able to hear about the decision soon, as finding someone talented enough to go up against Grindelwald in the upcoming films will be a tough task. But i have immense faith that they will find the perfect person for the role, and I thought Johnny Depp was an inspired choice for the evil wizard.

Source: Standard Online

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