J. K. Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Script Reveals An Off-Screen Death


J.K. Rowling’s fondness for character fatality was on display again in last weekend’s release Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to an extent that even the film couldn’t quite capture.

Her script for the prequel film included a character death during a key moment in the film, which was not shown on-screen. Mild spoilers to follow.

In the film, Ezra Miller plays Credence Barebone, an adopted orphan among many, all with a magic-hating stepmother, who is revealed to be an Obscurus, a destructive force  born of magical repression. His rampages cause many deaths but, despite this being essentially the grown-up version of the Harry Potter franchise, the filmmakers wisely chose not to include Credence’s adopted sister Chastity’s death on-screen.

Chastity is played by Jenn Murray and is the other prominent Barebone, along with the young Modesty. When Credence’s Obscurus magic kills his adopted mother Mary Lou, Chastity also dies. Here is the excerpt of the script via EW:

The place is destroyed – moonlight filters through gaps in the roof, and Chastity lies dead amid debris from the attack. Graves slowly enters the church, wand still drawn. Eerie sobbing can be heard from somewhere in the building. Mary Lou’s body lies on the floor in front of him, the marks on her face visible in the moonlight. Graves considers the corpse: A realization dawning on his face – no horror, merely wariness and intense interest.

Fantastis Beasts and Where to Find Them is currently in theaters. Check out our review here.

Source: EW

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    Definitely didn’t need to show it. Made for the little twist that it wasn’t the little sister even better