‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: S2E6 ‘Sicut Cervus’


With only a few episodes left in this season of Fear The Walking Dead, fans are wondering what lies ahead for our new crew of characters. Will they be heading for Mexico? Is it safer to be on the high seas during this time of a developing apocalypse?

While season two has been slow at times and is building towards a larger plot, it feels like the show continues to strive to catch up to AMC’s The Walking Dead, which set the bar incrediable high. Fear The Walking Dead is showing what happens to survivors of the zombie apocalypse during the early stages of the apocalypse and so far our survivors have been learning slowly but surely and at times knowing more than the characters can be frustrating. This episode specifically drew the most parallels between early season of The Walking Dead and the current timeline in Fear.

The new locations and new characters within this episode helped to breathe life back into season two at a much needed time. The following our the top five moments from “Sicut Cervus.” What did you think of this episode? Comment below and lets talk all things Fear!


Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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