‘Firefly’: Ron Glass Passes Away At 71


TVLine is reporting that a spokesperson who represents actor Ron Glass has stated that on Friday, the talented actor passed away. He was 71 years old at the time of his passing, and at this point, no further details have been divulged. Ron Glass portrayed Shepherd Book on the cult Fox show, Firefly, and then continued his role in the motion picture follow-up, Serenity. He was also famous for his acting in numerous shows, including Barney Miller, The New Odd Couple, Rhythm & Blues, Mr. Rhodes, and Teen Angel.

Ron Glass is a prolific actor, and a respected member of the theatrical community, and today we have lost a very talented individual. Firefly is one of the most popular cult TV shows in recent time, and the actor was a large part of the ensemble cast, that made the program so great. The actor was also a very talented voice-over actor, with a resume that includes Rugrats, Superman, Aladdin, and The Proud Family.

Ron Glass is probably best known for his role on the hit television sitcom, Barney Miller. He portrayed the character Ron Harris on the sitcom, and for years he wowed audiences with his witty and charismatic detective.

Source: TVLine

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