First ‘Justice League Action’ Clips Released


The highly anticipated and brand new, Justice League animated series will debut on Cartoon Network in a few short weeks, Justice League Action is the latest in a long line of a successful DC animated shows. The show will feature the core team of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fighting alongside a rotating roster of Justice League members. The series will reportedly feature over 150 famous DC Comic book characters, similar to hugely popular Justice League Unlimited series that featured a greatly expanded League roster.

The series will feature many famous voices, some who have voiced DC heroes in previous animated shows or movies. Justice League Action will feature the likes of; James Woods, Sean Astin, Ken Jeong, Brent Spiner, Patton Oswalt and arguably the two most famous voices in all DC animation, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and the Joker respectively.

Justice League Action will debut November 27 and some of the first footage from the show has been released online, check out the clips below:

In the first clip we hear Conroy and Hamill return to their famous roles as the Joker has a showdown with the Superman villain, Mongul

Next, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Cyborg face off against Toyman (voiced by Ken Jeong). While Batman is typically irritated, Cyborg seems impressed by the villain’s tech.

Finally, Batman takes on Chronus and Carmine Falcone in a time-travelling adventure with Blue Beetle along for the ride as well.

The new series will be released in 11-minute instalments starting November 27, on Cartoon Network

Source: CBR 


Chris Hartmann

Chris Hartmann

Chris Hartmann is a fanboy writer here at Heroic Hollywood, currently based in Vancouver, BC.

  • Maxi Iroh

    This series seems filled with style.

  • flavortang

    I guess people will like this since it’s really colorful and presumably the characters will be smiling a lot. That’s all that matters: bright colors and people smiling, regardless of the context of the scenes.