‘The Flash’: ‘Cause And Effect’ Review

The FlashThe Flash opens up with right where we left off with Savitar-Barry explaining to our Barry how he was created and became the villainous monster that he is today. Barry tries to take out his twisted self, but Savitar reveals that his suit has a mind of its own as it helps its master to get out of Barry’s grip before taking off. The next day Barry tells the whole team about who Savitar actually is, as they start going over how this became possible. They also realize that the message that Barry from the future that left a warning to the Legends was about Savitar this whole time. Iris goes to see Barry as they are both shaken up about this situation. Cisco rushes in to interrupt them as he thinks he has come up with an idea on how to be a few steps ahead of Savitar.

He demonstrates a machine that he has built that will take away Barry’s short-term memory as Cisco and Julian believe that by blocking it, Savitar will stop to exist. They go through with the experiment and when Barry snaps out of it, he has lost all of his memories. Elsewhere, Killer Frost finds Savitar who also has lost his memories and has no idea who she is. Team Flash runs into more trouble though when Cecile calls and tells Joe that she needs Barry at CCPD and while hesitant, Iris and Joe takes him to the station. Cecile explains that he has to testify in the prosecution of a criminal by the name of Heat Monger. Joe explains to Cecile that Barry isn’t able to because he is suffering from amnesia.

Iris takes Barry to Jitters as she tells him about his life and it’s making her happy to see Barry so happy for the first time in a long time, as he doesn’t remember all the darkness in his life. Barry takes off as he is summoned to the courthouse, but is given a pair of glasses by Cisco and Julian that will help him. However, the glasses stop working during the hearing and the judge dismisses the charges against Heat Monger. When Cisco, Wally and Julian get back to Star Labs, Frost greets them as Wally tries to stop her, but his speed is gone. It’s because of Barry’s memory loss which trigged Savitar to lose his memories too that made Wally powerless. Frost says that she will help Wally get his speed back, if they help her get Barry his memories back, along with Savitar’s memories. Frost, Julian and Cisco get to work while Cisco uses this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, hoping it will somehow get Caitlin to remember and get in control again.

While that is happening, Barry starts to get his speed back and is confused what is happening with him. Joe and Iris take him to the Speed Lab to let Barry test his powers out. Joe and Iris have a discussion about Barry, that while it might be great that he doesn’t remember his dark life, it came at a cost as they have lost the Barry that they came to know and love today. Meanwhile, Heat Monger is terrorizing the city once again as he lights an office building on fire. When the team finds out, Barry decides to try and save the day and runs off. Cisco comes up with an idea on how to possibly get Barry his memories back by shocking his brain through his suit, but it doesn’t work. Iris takes over the communication system and talks to Barry as she tells him about the death of his mother and their childhood together. This helps as Barry regains his memories, which gets Savitar his memories back and Wally his speed who joins Barry to save the day. Back at Star Labs, Frost is getting ready to take off, but Julian tries to get through to her, promising that he can save her as Julian confesses his love for her.

Frost dismisses him and tells the whole team that she never loved any of them. But in the elevator, we see Frost’s eyes turning back to Caitlin’s eyes for a quick second. H.R. informs the team that he and Tracy have completed the Speed Force trap, but they need a massive load of power to get it to work, stronger than what’s in the Sun. Barry remembers that there is something that will work, but there is a twist: it’s a power source that was left behind by the Dominators and it’s being guarded by none other than King Shark himself at ARGUS.

With so much happening in tonight’s episode, there is a lot that we need to discuss and breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “Cause and Effect”.

#5: Savitar’s Origin Story

#4: Barry Vs Amnesia

#3: Is There Hope For Caitlin Snow?

#2: Setup For Next Week

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


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