‘The Flash’: ‘Attack On Central City’ Review

The Flash 314The Flash continued its two-part Gorilla Grodd storyline as Grodd was making his move to get over to Earth-1 through Gypsy after it was revealed at the end of last week’s episode that she had been taken under his control. The episode opens up with the team members all getting into Valentine’s Day spirit, particularly H.R., which annoys Harry quite a lot. Wally asks Jesse if she is going to tell her dad that she is staying on Earth-2, which leads to that surprisingly easy conversation with the father who approves her choice, however, he is up to something.

Gypsy crashes Earth-1 as she, under the control of Grodd, starts to blast everyone. Later on, she explains to the team that Grodd and his army have invaded Earth-1. As the team try to come up with a plan, when they later on go to confront Grodd, he is nowhere to be seen. However, Joe starts acting weird as he gets taken over by Grodd who makes the West father turn a gun on him and tries end his life. Barry manages to stop him in just the right time, but once back at Star Labs, he begins to get really frustrated over the danger that his friends and family are put in, because of him. He tells Iris that there is only one way he can stop Grodd once and for all: killing him.

The team tracks down who Grodd is currently controlling as they find out that a general in the army, with access to nuclear missiles, is Grodd’s new victim as he plans to nuke the city. Barry takes off and tries to stop the missile by trying every combination of numbers that he can think of. Eventually, he succeeds in stopping it, but Barry is still determined that he has to kill Grodd. Later on, Vibe manages to convince Gypsy to help the team after all.

A battle with Flash, Kid Flash and Jesse Quick against Grodd and his army takes place in the city as they try to distract the army, while Barry takes on the leader. Gypsy and Cisco vibe over a familiar face as Solovar, from Earth-2, appears in the battle field and takes down Grodd. Solovar and his army are taken back to Earth-2 while Grodd is transferred to ARGUS. Later that night, Barry gives Iris a big surprise while Wally gets one of his own as he suddenly sees a familiar terrorizing face.

A lot went down in tonight’s big episode that we want to discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “Attack On Central City”.

#5: Wally & Jesse’s Relationship

#4: Grodd Invasion Part 2

#3: Speedsters Vs Gorillas

#2: Ending With Barry & Iris

#1: Wally Gets A Surprise


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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