‘The Flash’: Concept Art For Alchemy Reveals Alternate Costume Design


Last weeks episode of The Flash revealed the identity of the sinister Doctor Alchemy, the antagonist who had been granting powers to those who lost them following Barry Allen’s manipulation of the timeline. With the secret now revealed, concept artist Andy Poon has revealed concept illustrations of Doctor Alchemy, providing fans with a glimpse of an alternate costume design for the villain.

Check out the concept art below!

The second image features a close look at Doctor Alchemy’s gauntlet.

The concept designs are not that different from the final product, perhaps with a few more details on the costumes. Considering the budgetary and practical limitations that can come with adapting comic book costumes onto the screen, the creative team behind The Flash have managed to craft a costume that remains faithful to the source material.

Blinded by anger, Barry unwittingly plays into Zoom’s game and uncovers the evil speedster’s true goal: to destroy all Earths in the multiverse. In the race of his life, Barry ultimately gets the upper hand against Zoom and defeats his nemesis. But unable to celebrate victory, Barry makes a world-shaking decision and speeds back in time to the night his mother died to stop Reverse Flash from killing her, irrevocably changing his past and redetermining his future.

The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8:00 pm ET on The CW.

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