‘The Flash’ And CW Shows To Hit Netflix Faster

The Flash Netflix

Variety is reporting that Netflix and the CW are nearing a deal which will speed up the availability of CW shows on the streaming service. The deal will result in the shows appearing on the streaming website less than two weeks after each season ends on the network, as opposed to several weeks before the next season airs.

The deal comes as the result of the CW and Hulu’s partnership nearing its end. CW’s deal with Hulu made select episodes available for streaming about a week after they aired. While this partnership was crucial to establish the CW as a brand, the CW no longer needs Hulu’s help and is able to make a deal with Netflix.

The streaming of episodes during the TV show’s seasons will now take place on CW’s own website, CWTV.com, and affiliate stations VOD deals.

The deal is expected to be confirmed later this week, and reps from Hulu, the CW, and Netflix have declined to comment at this time. This will also mark the closest window Netflix has secured to in-season release of network television episodes.

Source: Variety

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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  • Steve Steve

    Cool. I might watch some of em now. I bet a bunch of other people will too.

  • Spenser Blevins

    Cool, maybe i’ll give a few more of CW’s shows a chance. Watching Flash, iZombie, and the 100 on torrents was getting annoying.

  • Chris W

    I hope the streaming wars end soon and we have one definitive service. I cut my cable for a reason.