‘The Flash’: ‘Duet’ Review

The Flash kicked off its musical crossover with Supergirl this week after the events of last night’s episode on Kara’s show where she got whammied by the Music Meister. As they try to figure out how to save her, Mon-El and J’onn J’onnz takes her to Earth-1 where they meet Team Flash who finds out about the situation. It doesn’t take long until Barry gets to meet the Music Meister who has broken into Star Labs. While he tries to stop him, the Meister manages to put Barry down the same he did with Kara as Barry is taken to a musical world.

He finds the Girl of Steel singing who gets hocked when she sees Barry suddenly in front of her. The Meister appears again and explains that they are trapped in a “motion musical” and the only way out is to just stick to the script. But he also warns the two heroes that if you die in the musical, you also die in real life. Before they can do anything, the entire bar – including people that look like Malcolm Merlyn, Winn Schott and Cisco Ramon – break into the song “Put a Little Love in your Heart”.

When Barry and Kara try to leave, they get knocked out by gangsters, one that happens to look like Martin Stein, who in this reality is a rival of Merlyn’s lookalike. A few minutes later, a man who looks like Joe West appears, who is the mayor of the city, and the two of them are looking for a missing daughter, Mille. They ask the two heroes to find the daughter and they agree to find Mille, in order to get out of the musical. Barry and Kara manage to find Millie (who is Iris’ lookalike in this reality) who is making out with Tommy (Mon-El’s lookalike) who happens to be the son of Merlyn’s gangster. Barry and Kara remember to stick to the script as they convince Millie and Tommy to tell their families about their forbidden love.

Mille goes back to Stein and Joe’s lookalikes who are revealed to be her fathers as they learn about her relationship with Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy is telling his father that he is in love with Millie and as the two families find out, a war comes to life. Barry and Kara start singing a duet together, titled “Supefriends” before they hear the gunfire outside of the building. They get outside before both of them get shot which Team Flash notices back in Star Labs.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Kid Flash, Martian Manhunter and Vibe goes after the Meister who is quite powerful. Eventually they manage to capture him and lock the Meister up in the pipeline. Mon-El and Iris demand that the Meister releases Kara and Barry, but he won’t give in that easily. The Meister explains that the only way they can get out is surviving the musical. He also gives them the heads up that if their love is really as strong as they think it is, they can save Barry and Kara. They ask Cisco to breach them into the musical reality where they find Barry and Kara in the state of dying. They both kiss their respective partner as the spell ends.

Back in Star Labs, the Meister has broken out of his cell and explains why he put Barry and Kara through this challenge before he takes off. The two team chat about the musical experience before Team Supergirl go back to Earth-38. The episode ends with Barry singing “Runnin’ Home To You’ to Iris as he proposes to her once again.

A lot went down in tonight’s big musical crossover that we want to discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “Duet”.

#5: Darren Criss As Music Meister

#4: The Musical Reality

#3: The Songs

#2: Barry/Iris & Kara/Mon-El

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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