‘The Flash’ EP Previews Second Half Of Season 3

The Flash Season 3BThe Flash is finally returning for its second half of Season 3 tomorrow night as Barry Allen begins to try and change the future that Savitar hinted at in the mid-season finale. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Aaron Helbing teased what fans can look forward to in the second half of the third season.

When asked if it’s even possible to prevent Savitar’s prophecies from happening, Helbing pointed out that we are dealing with a villain who is doing everything he can to get under Barry’s skin. So while these prophecies may or may not be true, Helbing teased that it will still cause the characters to take a good look at each other.

“The thing about Savitar is he’s a villain, and he’s going to say things that may or may not come true. It’s going to get the team thinking and looking at each other — Who is going to have a fate worse than death? Who is going to betray the team? — those are things that will be revealed. But in the beginning, you see Savitar, he’s evil, he’s going to say things to get under Barry’s skin and the team’s skin and try to stoke as much distrust as he can. We’re going to play with that first and eventually, we’ll deal with the prophecy.”

We saw in the mid-season finale that Barry got accidentally sent to the future where he witnessed the death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar. Helbing talked about how this will affect Iris as she learns about the future that Barry saw and how it will push her to take her journalistic career to new levels.

“In the beginning, when she first finds out, she’s devastated. She just moved in with Barry, she’s madly in love with him, she has all of these friends, she has a career that she wants to continue to build, so in the beginning, she’s devastated, but because she’s given a ticking time clock and she knows exactly when her expiration date is, so to speak, that emboldens her to go, “You know what? There’s a lot of things that I still want to accomplish. I know when I’m going to die, so I’m not going to die before then.” That’s going to cause her to put herself at risk further down the line in pursuit of her journalism.”

When Barry saw the news coverage in the future, there was a headline that said “Killer Frost Still At Large”, so what does that mean for Caitlin Snow? Helbing talked about how Caitlin will be struggling with her powers and trying to stop Killer Frost to take over from within.

“Right now, it’s more of her getting control of her powers, but in the back of her mind, it’s always, “You’re going to become Killer Frost. At any moment, you could slip up and go to the dark side,” like she was in episode 7. That’s going to be a struggle that she’s going to deal with the rest of the season.”

“Borrowing Problems from the Future” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, V) (HDTV)

BARRY FIGHTS FOR IRIS — Barry (Grant Gustin) is tormented by his vision of the future where Iris (Candice Patton) is murdered by Savitar. When a criminal named Plunder (guest star Stephen Huszar) shows up in Central City, Barry recalls the villain’s presence in his vision of the future and fears that if he catches Plunder, it will cement Iris’ fate. Confused about Barry’s hesitation to stop Plunder, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) decides to step in as Kid Flash. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) offers Julian (Tom Felton) a job. Millicent Shelton directed the episode written by Grainne Godfree & David Kob (#310). Original airdate 1/24/2017.”

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on The CW. Make sure to check back at Heroic Hollywood after every single episode of Season 3 for our weekly reviews and much more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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