‘The Flash’: ‘Finish Line’ Review

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FlashThe Flash opens up with where we left them off as Barry and the team believes that Iris is dead, but we suddenly see two drumsticks falling out of her jacket while H.R. arrives on the roof with Joe. It is revealed that H.R. used the piece of Savitar’s spear to find Iris and rescue her from Savitar. While they were being changed, he uses the face-change device on her so that Iris looks like H.R. who changes into Iris. H.R. tells her that it was because of him that Savitar was able to kidnap Iris to begin with and chooses to sacrifice himself. Killer Frost catches up and knocks out “H.R.” while taking “Iris” back. We cut to the present again where “H.R.” turns back into Iris while “Iris” turns back to H.R. before he passes away.

We cut to Vibe and Killer Frost still battling each other before Savitar shows up and tells her that they need Cisco so he can fix the Speed Force bazooka. The group comes together at Star Labs the next day as they start realizing that a paradox has now been created because Savitar killed H.R. instead of Iris. The evil Barry will soon cease to exist as Julian arrives and tells the team that he and Caitlin’s mom managed to create a cure for Caitlin. We cut back to Savitar’s lair where Evil Barry is demanding Cisco to adjust the Speed Force bazooka that would allow this Barry to create infinite time remnants of himself across time. While Cisco refuses to, Barry threatens to kill Caitlin and preventing her from getting the cure if he doesn’t help him.

Back at Star Labs, Barry tells Iris that he is going to do the last thing that Savitar expects him to do. He goes to see his evil self to try and get through to him. As our Barry shares a childhood memory with Savitar, he offers him help, to save him before it is too late. They return to Star Labs as Barry explains to the team that Savitar won’t hurt Iris. Barry hopes that Tracy will help them, but she refuses as she is upset that Savitar took her future away and storms off. Iris suggests that they go get Harry from Earth-2, hoping he can get through to her. Harry approaches Tracy and tries to convince her to help the team, for H.R.

Savitar converses with Barry and Iris as he wonders what will happen with him after they save him. Barry and Iris tell him that they will figure it out eventually. Savitar takes off to let Cisco and Frost go, before an alarm goes off in Star Labs. It’s the Philosopher’s Stone that is getting ready to explode as Barry and Wally gets everyone out to safety before the explosion goes off. Savitar returns to the lair as Cisco has completed adjusting the bazooka. He orders Frost to kill Cisco, but Gypsy arrives and saves him. Gypsy brings Cisco to Iris and Barry’s apartment. Savitar and Frost head to the waterfront as he opens up a breach to the Speed Force as Black Flash arrives to kill Savitar. But Frost manages to kill the Black Flash. Frost uses the bazooka on Savitar to make him immortal, but it doesn’t work and Savitar suddenly gets punched by a speedster as Jay Garrick emerges from the Speed Force.

The two teams begin to battle with Savitar and Flash clashing while Gypsy and Vibe try to take down Killer Frost. Cisco manages to get the upper hand at Frost who tells him to go ahead and kill her. But he refuses as Cisco gives Frost the cure that will make her Caitlin again. Savitar runs back and grabs Cisco as he is about to stab him before Frost attacks her former master. Barry shows up and tries to stop Savitar, but gets knocked down. Savitar swears to him that he will kill the Wests before he ceases to exist, but Barry gets back up and manages to vibrate himself into the armor and getting the Evil Barry out of it. The time remnant tries to fight back, but stands no chance against the armor as Barry almost kills him. But Barry doesn’t go through with it as he destroys the armor and tells his remnant that he will never become like him before knocking the remnant out. Barry walks to his team, with Savitar trying to attack him from the back before he gets shot in the head by none other than Iris. As Savitar dies, his body ceases to exist.

The next day, the team buries H.R. while Cisco is told by Barry that H.R. gave him a message before he died, that Cisco inspired him to sacrifice himself for Iris. Barry sees Caitlin from a distance and goes to see her with Cisco and Julian. Caitlin explains that she doesn’t know who she is anymore and needs to figure it out as she hands back the cure to Julian. We cut to Barry and Iris having a moment together at their apartment where they are talking about their upcoming weeding. The conversation is cut short as a lightning storm is happening all across the city. They regroup at Star Labs and realize that it’s the Speed Force that is causing this because Jay got out of it. A speedster needs to stabilize it and Barry decides that he will do it. A portal opens up in front of them as the Speed Force arrives in the form of Nora Allen who tells them that it’s time for Barry to finish his race.

Barry walks around to give his goodbyes to everyone, including Iris who he shares one final kiss with as he goes to grab Nora’s hand and together they walk into the Speed Force before the portal closes behind them. As they disappear, the storm comes to an end before the episode cuts to black.

With so much happening in tonight’s episode, there is a lot that we need to discuss and breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 finale episode: “Finish Line”.

#5: H.R.’s Sacrifice

#4: Caitlin Snow’s Next Quest Begins

#3: The Fall Of Savitar

#2: A Speedster’s Sacrifice

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Mauricio Cuervo

    aughhh…..i dont think were ever gonna get something cool as season 1 finale fight cause all these feel lack laster to me. Like you have barry fighting Reverse Flash in a earthquake Starlabs with nice visual in the back. S2, just a race, this season really felt no impact and many plot points & loose end are still hanging which i hope S4 fix. But they have to change up the formula cause this season was really practicable in some cases, heck you guys made predictions on the podcast months before the finale & they came true which was why i didnt feel at that emotional.

    only one i felt emotional was super girl (which was ruin the next day cause heard a supergirl podcast explaining there literally taking a arc from the New 52 & adapting it :(…really!) but cant wait to hear you guys on the podcast

  • Mauricio Cuervo

    PS: I will miss you HR, out of the whole season…..you were the best. May you live a wonderful like in that alternative Future and screw the fans that demanded your death…..which i could see CW do to get rid of back lash.


    OMG they never fix that future plot point where his museum got close down, WTF and joey award ceremony for this police something…..AH GOD MORE PLOT HOLE

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Just like the comics, The Flash is now going to be Wally West.

  • Monty

    Gotta rewatch to remember the name Savitar drops in STAR labs. “oh, you haven’t done that yet.” Probably important.

    • cluck

      “DeVoe” was the name he said, as in Clifford DeVoe Thinker