‘The Flash’: ‘The Once And Future Flash’ Review

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The Flash 319The Flash returned this week with as Barry Allen is figuring what year he needs to go to as he determines that he has to go to 2024. Iris asks Barry to make her a promise that if she still dies, that Barry makes sure to be there for Joe no matter what. Barry gets alerted that something is going on at Star Labs where Killer Frost is attacking Julian, Cisco and H.R. Cisco blast vibrations at her as the three men run and hide inside the pipeline while waiting for Barry to show up in time. Killer Frost still manages to open it, but Barry shows up and stops her. She freezes the door and escapes into the cold.

Cisco and Julian start arguing about what just happened, how Julian shouldn’t have ripped Caitlin’s necklace off. Barry breaks up the fight and the two go their own way. Barry tells the rest of the team that he is going to 2024 and gets Wally to help him to open a portal. The two speedsters pull it off as Barry is sent to 2024, but he is stunned when he sees the grim future that he has arrived in. The Top shows up and uses her powers on him as he gets put under vertigo before Mirror Master punches him. They are both surprised to see Flash as he has apparently been missing for a long time. Scudder starts kicking and punching the hero, but Barry manages to escape.

Barry goes to his and Iris’ old apartment that is empty and dirty. He suddenly finds Cisco standing right behind him who is thrilled to see Barry. Cisco knows already that this is a Barry from the past and figures out that he is here to find out about Savitar. Barry asks Cisco to take him to the Barry of 2024, so they head to an abandoned Star Labs. While they are walking, Barry learns about what happened to the team after Iris’ team. He eventually meets his future self who has lost all hope and is a completely different man. Barry asks 2024-Barry to tell him who Savitar is, but unfortunately his future self doesn’t know who the villainous speedster is, as he asks Barry to go back to 2017.

Barry suits up again and gets ready to go back to 2017, but Cisco begs him to stay and help the city that doesn’t have a flash. As Barry starts trying to go back to 2017, something is wrong and he isn’t able to open up a portal. Cisco doesn’t know what is wrong and shows Barry that he wasn’t the only one who lost something as he reveals how Killer Frost destroyed his hands. He now has cybernetic arms and can’t use his Vibe powers anymore. They head over to see Julian as he shows them Killer Frost who is trapped in a special cell. She can tell that it’s Barry from the past as he tries to get answers on what happened. Killer Frost isn’t cooperating as she tells Barry that he is no match for Savitar. She goes on to explain that after she became Killer Frost, Savitar approached her and asked her to work with him in exchange for a cure. Barry realizes that she knows who Savitar is, but Killer Frost refuses to give him the answer, as she warns him that he will be surprised when he finds out.

Cisco and Barry visits the West house where Wally lives, but we find him in a wheel chair and unresponsive. Barry finds out that after Iris died, Wally exploded in rage as he tried to take Savitar on his own. Sadly, it left Wally with a shattered spine and apparently Savitar showed him so devastating that it left Wally in this condition ever since that day. Barry heads over to Iris’ grave where he finds a heartbroken Joe who isn’t happy to see him. Joe asks him why he decided to start being there for him, after all this time, making Barry realize that he failed to keep his promise to Iris. Back at Star Labs, 2024-Barry gets visited by Barry again who confronts him about not keeping the promise to Iris. The future Barry lashes out and tells his past self that it’s pointless, that there is nothing they can do to stop Savitar when he kills Iris on May 23. Barry goes back to Cisco to see if he had figured out why he can’t go back to 2017.

Cisco gets disappointed that Barry isn’t willing to stay and help, bring the team back together. Barry realizes that it was Cisco that did something to prevent Barry from going back to 2017. As Barry goes back to the pipeline to try and go back one more time, he changes his mind and goes back to Cisco. Barry realizes that he can’t leave the future like this and offers Cisco to help him. Barry starts running through the city and assembles Julian, H.R. and Joe at Star Labs. As they are stunned to see him in front of them, Barry says that this isn’t what Iris would have wanted and that they need to stick together. Cisco gets an alert that Mirror Master and The Top are at it again and the team decides to bring Team Flash back and to save the day.

Flash catches up with the two Rogues as he tries to take them out, but they use their powers on him as he is basically stuck. Back at Star Labs, 2024-Barry walks into the room and says he will help his past self out. He suits up in a future version of his suit and runs over to help Barry out. Together, the two speedsters defeat the two rogues. Later at Star Labs, this event has given new life to the members as they want to keep Team Flash going. The two Barrys have another chat as the future version warns the 2017 version that the worst is coming. The Future-Barry tells Barry about this physicist named Tracy Brand who almost found a way to defeat Savitar, but wasn’t able to figure out the technology until four years ago. He gives 2017-Barry a hard drive, that contains all of her research and suggests that Barry finds Tracy back in 2017, as a final chance to find a way to beat Savitar.

Barry and Cisco hug each other as he promises to make sure Vibe doesn’t fall at the hand of Killer Frost. He goes back to 2017 as he arrives one second after he just left for 2024. Barry tells the team what he learned in the future, what Caitlin will do with Savitar and that they need to find her before it’s too late. Before Joe leaves, Barry gives him a hug and promises him that he will always be there for him. Iris asks what that was about and Barry tells her that he is just keeping his promise to her. The episode ends with Killer Frost being approached by Savitar who is offering to help her make sure that Caitlin Snow never returns. Suddenly, Savitar starts taking off his armor as Killer Frost sees the face of the man behind the armor.

With so much happening in tonight’s episode, there is a lot that we need to discuss and breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “The Once And Future Flash”.

#5: Future Versions Of Mirror Master & The Top

#4: The Shattered Team

#3: Barry Meets Future-Barry

#2: Tracy Brand – Their Only Hope?

#1: Savitar’s Offer To Killer Frost

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