‘The Flash’: ‘Infantino Street’ Review

FlashThe Flash opens up with Iris and Barry trying to fall asleep, but they know that tomorrow, is the day when Iris gets murdered. Cisco and Barry go to ARGUS to meet Lyla who wants to know what it is that they exactly need from her as they explain their plan to stop Savitar. However, Lyla can’t hand over the Dominator power source and Barry realizes that she doesn’t trust him. The team finds out by Barry and Cisco that Lyla refused to help them in addition to that, the building is equipped with a power-dampening device, which would prevent any meta-human from breaking in. As they all try to figure out what to do now, Barry comes up with only one solution. They need a master thief to get into ARGUS, so Barry decides to go back in time to 1892 as he goes to Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold to ask for help.

After hearing Barry out, Snart agrees to help as he is taken to 2017, which Team Flash gets surprised at first. While that is going on, Savitar-Barry is fixing his suit as Killer Frost asks if he still plans to kill Iris. Suddenly, Savitar-Barry gets the memories of the other Barry going back in time to get Cold to help him out. At Star Labs, Snart theorizes where the power source could be kept in ARGUS as he and Barry prepare to take off. Barry gets Joe to take Iris as far away as he can, but not letting him know where she is, otherwise Savitar will find out too. Kid Flash, Joe and Iris go to Earth-2 to ask Harry Wells to hide there.

Barry disguises himself as Lyla by using H.R.’s face changer to get into ARGUS with Snart. However, they are forced to take the agents out when Barry can’t trick them. They get to the cell where the power source is being held at, but Barry starts to lose his connection with Cisco, as they try to figure out how to get into the cell. However, Snart figures it out in 37 seconds as he manages to break through the mega-lock, but they quickly discovers that King Shark is inside the cell, guarding the source. Snart decides to use the power source of his gun to put Shark to sleep, long enough for them to get in and out. As they manage to steal the power source, Barry accidentally triggers an alarm as the cell is about to get locked again. Barry gets out, while Snart gets trapped inside. Barry asks Cisco to open the cell so Snart can slide out. Shark manages to grab Snart’s leg, but Cisco shuts the door down while severing Shark’s arm.

As they get ready to escape, Lyla and a couple of agents catches them. However, as Lyla saw Barry risk his life to save Leonard, she hands over the power source as she wants him to succeed in saving Iris. Barry takes Snart back to 1892 as he bids him farewell, with Snart uttering the same words that he said before he died. Back in the present, Barry shows up and asking where Iris is and as H.R. tells him where she is, they are horrified when they discover that it is actually Savitar-Barry who now knows where she is. Savitar rushes over to Earth-2, as Kid Flash takes him on. However, Savitar breaks one of his legs and knocks Wally out. Joe tries to take Savitar down before he sees the speedster’s suit powering down. While they think he is defeated, the Evil Barry shows up behind Iris as he was never in the suit to begin with.

Joe tries to talk sense to this Barry, but he won’t hear it before Harry tries to shoot him. But he isn’t fast enough as Savitar-Barry takes Iris and opens a breach back to Earth-1. Back at Star Labs, Barry finds out what happened and tries to comfort Wally who is heartbroken that he failed. The team gets ready to head out and take Savitar down. Cisco, however, starts vibing the same vision he had of Killer Frost last year. Barry tells him to go and save Caitlin from fully becoming Killer Frost. Cisco gets to the forest where he and Frost begin their fight. Meanwhile, Barry runs over to Infantino Street to take Savitar down as Joe is in position on the roof while Tracy is in the van, hoping the Speed Force Bazooka will work. Savitar starts running around Barry who fires the Bazooka at Savitar over and over. At first, it seems to work, but eventually it stops working. Savitar grabs Iris and tells Barry that the time has come as he stabs Iris who falls down. Barry runs over to catch Iris’ lifeless body as he begins to cry before the episode cuts to back.

With so much happening in tonight’s episode, there is a lot that we need to discuss and breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “Infantino Street”.

#5: The Return Of Captain Cold

#4: Killer Frost Vs Vibe

#3: The Moment At Infantino Street

#2: Questionable Ending

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


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