‘The Flash’: ‘Infantino Street’ Review

Flash#5 – The Return Of Captain Cold

For the third time this season, the show has brought Wentworth Miller back as Captain Cold in both a great and frustrating way. Let’s start with the good parts: I could watch Miller and Grant Gustin in their own buddy-cop series as their dynamic on screen is just that good. At first when I heard that Barry was going turning to Cold for help, I was a bit skeptical because why would he need him to steal the power source? But the episode made it clear very fast why Barry couldn’t get into ARGUS that easily and hence that led to Barry recruiting Snart. It was genuinely fun to see these two characters back together on screen, which brings me to the frustrating part of Cold’s return.

Legends of Tomorrow should have never had Captain Cold to begin with because since his death, the writers of both these shows have to find ways of bringing him back without breaking time traveling rules. I was really hoping that Barry would hint to Leonard that by going back to the Legends, he would end up sacrificing himself for them in 2016. When you get scenes like these between Snart and Barry, it just baffles me how a Flash TV show doesn’t have access to Captain Cold in the present somehow. At some point, in future seasons of this show, I hope the writers find a way to bring Snart back, either through just simply messing with time travel or maybe consider the idea of bringing a different Snart from one of the many Earths in the Multiverse.

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Monty

    It was HR pretending to be Iris with the Earth 2 tech.

    • Darthmanwe

      You can see HR in the trailer for finale, he was on an opposite rooftop from Joe.