‘The Flash’: ‘I Know Who You Are’ Review

Page 1 - In this week's episode of The Flash, the team tries to get the help of Tracy Brand while Barry figures out Savitar's identity.

The Flash opens up with Barry and Savitar outside on a street in the evening as Barry says that he knows who he is. We cut to 16 hours earlier where Joe and Cecile are just getting back from jogging. During their chat, Cecile drops the L-word to Joe and things get a little awkward between the two.

Over at Star Labs, Barry is explaining to the team who Tracy Brand is and why they need to find her. They track her down to a university where Tracy is on her way to burn up all her work as she failed her dissertation and won’t become a scientist. Killer Frost appears and tries to kill Tracy, but Barry manages to save her while Cisco tries to fight Frost who manages to escape.

At CCPD, Tracy describes the attacker to a sketch artist and gets ready to take off. Barry and Joe try to convince her to stay and let them protect her as they still need to get her to help them with Savitar. Tracy heads to Jitters and runs into H.R. as he and the team have a plan. Throughout their conversation, Tracy admits that she has been studying speedsters and shares theories with H.R. as he shares the same interest. When H.R. is about to take a sip of his coffee, he is stunned when he discovers that it’s completely frozen and realizes Killer Frost is nearby.

He tries to get Tracy to safety, but Frost starts attacking them as Flash, Cisco and Joe arrive just in time. Barry starts chasing Frost throughout the city as she is escaping on ice bridges that she is creating. Cisco tries to fight Frost, but he fails to go through with it as Frost fires ice at him that Barry jumps in front. Frost stabs Barry in the leg with an ice pick before taking off. Later at Star Labs, the team explains everything to Tracy, who she is in the future and why they need her help.

While hesitant at first, H.R. manages to convince Tracy to help them out. However, Tracy sneaks away and H.R. alerts the team. As the team tries to find out where she could have gone, but H.R. figures out where she is and goes to a local statue of Galileo where she is sitting alone. Tracy apologizes for taking off, but admits that she got thrown off by seeing who she is in the future. Elsewhere, Joe decides to break-up with Cecile because he is afraid of getting her in danger. Cecile tries to leave, but gets taken by Frost who tells Joe to bring Tracy to her in one hour or Cecile dies.

H.R. gets Tracy to join Joe and Barry to go to the warehouse where Cecile is being kept at. Frost shows up and makes it very clear that Savitar is always several steps ahead as she knows that Vibe is hiding in the rafters. She fires at the rafters as Cisco vibes himself away while Barry blocks Frost from attacking Joe. Vibe and Frost have a short fight before Cisco eventually wins and knocks her out and takes a sample of her blood as he and Julian still thinks they can save her. H.R. and Tracy chat about Savitar back at Star Labs where she shares a theory that Savitar is dependent on his suit and pitches a plan on how to use its powers to trap Savitar inside the Speed Force.

Joe and Cecile make up at CCPD as he confesses that he only pushed her away to keep Cecile safe. They share their “I love you” to each other as they are back together. When Joe gets home to his family and talks with them, Barry starts putting all the pieces together about Savitar as he realizes who this monster really is. The final shot of the episode is Barry outside with Savitar as he confronts him about knowing who he really is. Savitar gets out of his armor and reveals his face to Barry as the episode cuts to black. With so much happening in tonight’s episode, there is a lot that we need to discuss and breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “I Know Who You Are”.

#5: Debut Of Tracy Brand

#4: Killer Frost Vs Vibe

#3: Joe & Cecile

#2: Savitar’s Identity Revealed

#1: Verdict & Overall Thoughts


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