‘The Flash’: ‘I Know Who You Are’ Review

#2 – Savitar’s Identity Revealed

Before I go on with the actual reveal: I can’t stress enough how happy it made me to see the writers letting Barry figure it out on his own. While he certainly got clues, I’m just very appreciative of the episode letting our hero figure it out on his own as it made that final moment of the episode that much more powerful.

So who was Savitar? It was none other than…Barry himself from some future, which is what was the theory that most people had, from critics to viewers, but so many questions still remain. While it may have been predictable, I’m actually looking forward to the “why” of it all. Why Barry turned this way, what it was that got him on this path as well as why the heck he looked the way he did. If these remaining episodes give us a compelling backstory to how he became corrupted, then I think many, including myself, will be able to appreciate this episode more.

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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