‘The Flash’ & ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Mid-Season Premiere Ratings Down

Flash Legends
Last night marked not only the return of The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow after the winter hiatus, but it was also the first night for both shows as a pair following Legends‘ move from Thursday nights. Unfortunately, neither series received a large welcome back as ratings for both mid-season premieres were down compared to their respective fall finales.

The Flash mid-season premiere earned a total of 2.7 million, down 400,000 viewers from the mid-season finale and tied for the series low. The episode’s demo rating was a new series low, dipping under 1.0 for the first time at a .9 rating.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow did not fare well in it’s new time slot, drawing in 1.8 million viewers and a .6 demo rating. Though these numbers are down from the show’s mid-season finale, The CW may take comfort in the fact that Legends of Tomorrow managed to draw in a million more viewers than No Tomorrow, double the demo rating of the series which had previously held the Tuesday night 9:00 PM time slot.

Despite the low ratings, fans likely have no reason to be concerned about the future of both shows as The CW recently renewed their slate of superhero series for another season.

The Flash continues next week with the episode titled “Dead or Alive“.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow continues next week with the episode titled “The Legion of Doom“.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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  • Kyle Mitton

    Of course they are, everything has been over-shadowed by Trump. You think anyone cares if Barry is having issues with his Speed-force? Not when Trump is ripping up the EPA and anything climate control. Our lives will never be the same with that man in power

    • Chris W

      Get over yourself.

    • Bill

      100% guaranteed your life will be the exact same for the next 4 years no matter who the president is

  • Axxell

    This obviously means that both shows will get cancelled…right Sammy?

  • Darthmanwe

    All ratings across all networks were down on many TV series this week. This isn’t just about the dctv or superhero shows or even tv programming thing.

    There is a deeper sociological phenomenon at work, and I think we all know the cause of it.

  • Chris W

    A month hiatus is a pretty good way of breaking weekly viewing habits. I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Bill

    Flash makes sense. It’s been terrible this season