‘The Flash’: Showrunner Talks Needing A Lighter Tone

The Flash Mixed SignalsThe Flash Mixed Signals 15From the start of its run on The CW, The Flash had always been the show that took a lighter approach in its tone. However, in the last season, the show took a decidedly darker turn, prompting many fans to wonder if it was heading in the right direction.

Fans were not the only ones questioning that. In an interview with ComicBook.com, showrunner Todd Helbing discussed that once Iris West was murdered, they decided they might need to stop and question their current path a bit:

“The second that we went to Infantino Street for the first time in season three and showed the audience Iris dying, it didn’t take us long to realize to keep up that tension was going to be a big thing and hard to do for a lot of reasons. And simultaneously, we realized how dark the show was getting. So we made a conscious effort to change that, and that was one of the reason that we decided to have Barry go into the Speed Force at the end — because it’s a place where you know for the speedsters they can have varying experiences and we knew that we wanted to get back to a lighter tone, so we could explore what Barry’s experience was in a way that could help us shift the tone back to something more fun.”

Through the promos and interviews released since season 3, it certainly looks like The Flash is back on track as far as being a light and fun show. We’ll see if the show sticks to its roots when season 4 continues on.

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“The Flash Reborn” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)

COMING HOME — With Barry (Grant Gustin) in the speed force, Iris (Candice Patton), Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Vibe (Carlos Valdes) have taken over protecting Central City. However, when a powerful armored villain threatens to level the city if The Flash doesn’t appear, Cisco makes a risky decision to break Barry out of the speed force. However, the Barry that comes out isn’t the same Barry that went in. Glen Winter directed the episode with story by Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace (401).

The Flash season 4 will premiere on Tuesday, October 10 at 8:00 PM ET on The CW.

Source: ComicBook.com

5 Reasons Warner Bros. Needs To Fast-Track The ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

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Henry Cavill Superman Man of SteelSuperman is a pop culture icon. The character was introduced to the masses in 1938. Eventually after radio shows, serials and animated adaptations, Superman became a movie icon following the release 1978’s Superman: The Movie. The seminal superhero film, directed by Richard Donner and starring Christopher Reeve, was followed by three sequels and one spin-off. In 2006, Bryan Singer brought Superman back to the silver screen with Superman Returns. The movie was divisive so it was back to the drawing board for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Eventually, Zack Snyder was brought on board for the next iteration of Superman: Man of Steel.

Man of Steel was released in 2013 to decent reviews. The movie was a financial hit, but instead of doing a direct sequel, Warner Bros. went with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. That movie has come and gone and Justice League is on the horizon. Last year, it was also announced that a sequel to Man of Steel was coming along. There has been no word on that movie other than a few rumors here and there. This may be due to the situation that Superman was left in at the end of Batman v Superman, which will be resolved in Justice League.

There are many reasons why Man of Steel deserves a sequel. Here are a few reasons Warner Bros. needs to fast-track the project. Click Next to get started!

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