‘The Flash’: ‘Into The Speed Force’ Review

The Flash 316 ReviewThe Flash follows up with the tragic events of last week’s episode when Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash got sucked into the Speed Force as Savitar tricked him in order to escape his prison. Barry is determined to get Wally out no matter what. Before he takes off into the Speed Force, Cisco and H.R. come up with a way to pull Barry back into their world from the Speed Force, in case things got rough. Cisco helps Barry vibe him into the Speed Force and when Barry arrives, he finds himself in an abandoned version of CCPD, where only one person is waiting for him: Eddie Thawne.

But it’s not actually Eddie as the Speed Force is appearing in front of Barry in the shape of people that he has lost before. The Speed Force explains that Barry won’t get Wally back because It is angry about Barry’s decision to cause Flashpoint. “It” is disappointed that Barry, despite getting his powers back by getting over his mother’s death, went back in time and created Flashpoint. Despite Barry’s efforts, the Speed Force says that Wally now has to live with his choice and stay here. “Eddie” eventually lets Barry go and find Wally if he can outrun a Time Wraith that suddenly appears out of nowhere. He manages to outrun it and gets into the elevator that will take him to Wally.

He is suddenly in a creepy version of Star Labs where Barry fins Caitlin singing to a crying baby that is supposedly her child. The Speed Force appears again, but this time as Ronnie Raymond, the first Firestorm. It confronts Barry saying that all these people have sacrificed Barry over and over, which is why the Speed Force won’t let Wally leave so that Barry can take his place. Despite of that, Barry isn’t giving up and “Ronnie” says that he warned him before Hunter Zolomon who is now the Black Flash shows up and starts fighting Barry. Barry has no choice, but to use the weapon that Cisco created for him as a tracker to destroy the Black Flash.

Team Flash has now lost connection with Barry and don’t know if they can get him or Wally back. Barry then wakes up in a hospital where he finds Wally behind a locked door, but the Speed Force shows up again, this time as Captain Cold. “Cold” explains that Wally is re-living his worst moment over and over again which was when his mother passed away. Barry begs the Speed Force to let him take Wally’s place, but “Cold” isn’t having it. “Cold” goes on to start freezing Barry, but is stopped as Jay Garrick makes a surprise appearance after Cisco went to Earth-3 to ask for his help. Together they get Wally out of the room, but Jay then reveals to both of them that he has to stay behind, before assuring them that they will see each other again soon. Together Wally and Barry return to Earth-1.

While all of that was going on in the Speed Force, the team was busy analyzing the piece of metal that Barry managed to cut off of Savitar. Despite being told to stand down till Barry and Wally got back, Jesse decides to go after Savitar and she manages to run into him. Savitar demands to get the metal piece back while H.R. tips Jesse off about armors having weaknesses and that she should find Savitar’s. Before she manages to stab him, Savitar warns Jesse that he have “plans” for her in the future as he gets stabbed and takes off.

Once Wally is back, Jesse explains to him that she now has travel to Earth-3 to be the Flash of that world while Jay is trapped in the Speed Force. The two share a kiss before she leaves Earth-1. H.R. tells the other members that Savitar is no God of Speed, but a man who just like Barry, can feel pain. The episode ends with Barry and Iris having a big discussion about their relationship, the engagement as Barry tells her that the best thing for the two of them right now, is some space. A lot went down in tonight’s big episode that we want to discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “Into the Speed Force”.

#5: Trip Into The Speed Force

#4: Jesse Quick In Action

#3: Speedsters Vs Speed Force

#2: The Break (Or Breakup?)

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


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