‘The Flash’ Stars On Figuring Out How To Stop Savitar & Save Iris


As Season 3 of The Flash winds down, we’re getting ever closer to that fateful night in the now not-too-distant future that Barry witnessed where the love of his life, Iris West, was killed by the so-called Speedster God Savitar.

At PaleyFest LA this week, IGN spoke to a few members of the cast and crew about this impending future and how the characters are dealing with what they know is coming.

First up, Grant Gustin spoke about where Barry’s head is at right now following last night’s musical crossover with Supergirl:

“You’ve been seeing it build all year and I think the Speed Force was kinda where it reached its peak for Barry. Where his fear had kinda taken over everything else. I think even though this has been looming for him, he’s always somebody that tries to choose optimism and have hope, and I think after being in the Speed Force that’s kinda hard for him to do, but coming out of this lesson that the Music Meister teaches him, he kinda re-focuses his energy towards being as positive as he can about this and proving to Iris that this love is enough. ‘It has to be enough. It’s all I have.’ So, I think the proposal from the heart re-establishes that for them at the end of the musical. You know, we’re gonna see him still weighed down with what’s looming, but Barry refuses to accept that fate. So, we’ll see him start to lose it a little bit, but he’s not gonna give up.”

Executive Producer Todd Helbing spoke about how Iris will be actively involved in trying to figure out how to defeat Savitar:

“She gets pretty proactive. I mean, she starts to drive sort of that thrust with Barry now. After the musical, they really dive headlong into figuring out who he is and how to stop him. She takes an active role in figuring out who he is.”

Finally, Iris West herself, Candice Patton confirmed Iris’ proactive approach:

“She’s reacting in the best way you can when you know that you’re gonna die at the hands of a big metal villain. The cool thing is Iris is not taking it lightly and she’s not taking it sitting down. She’s very much still a part of Team Flash and figuring out a way to change her destiny.”

The actress also spoke about the approach Team Flash is taking in finding a way to stop Savitar:

“I think everyone in Team Flash is pretty much grasping at straws to figure out how to defeat Savitar. He’s a villain like we’ve never seen before. He works in completely different ways. So we are literally just grasping at straws and so anyone who’s got an idea, we’re like, ‘Yes, let’s try that. Let’s try anything we can.’ So, these last couple episodes, you’ll see a lot of that, a lot of trial and error. Trial and error.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Be sure to check back on Heroic Hollywood tonight and every Tuesday night for our weekly episode reviews.

Source: IGN

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

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    Its starting to get annoying the iris west killing plot.. kill her already;) one of the main reasons this seasons sucks so much