‘The Flash’/’Supergirl’ EP Talks Making Musical Crossover

The Flash Supergirl Musical Crossover Andrew KreisbergLater this season on both Supergirl and The Flash, the two superheroes will be coming together for a musical crossover that will be a two-parter. Just recently it was announced that Music Meister will officially be the baddie of the musical event.

During the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, executive producer and show-runner of both shows, Andrew Kreisberg, spoke about the coming event and the excitement of getting to do it. He brought up the set experience of seeing Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist break out into song between takes as well as teasing that characters from both shows will be taking part of the musical.

“Hearing Melissa [Benoist] and Grant [Gustin] sing — it’s funny. You guys only ever see the episode. To me it’s like, I think about every episode, it’s also the experience of making it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on set with Melissa, or when Melissa and Grant were there. They were just singing between takes. So it’s like, I hear Melissa sing all the time. So for you guys to get to hear that finally will be so great.

What I love about it, and it’s what I always loved about what Joss Whedon would do like with “Hush,” or “The Body,” he’d have these very special episodes, but they were intrinsic to the storytelling, the ongoing storytelling that was going on. So when we get to the musical episode, both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series, and the experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series moving forward.

There are going to be people from both shows singing. It’s going to start on “Supergirl,” and it’s going to resolve on “Flash.” We’ve had singing on “Flash” before. We had Barry sing karaoke. We had Jesse sing in the alternate universe. But to be able to have a full-fledged musical episode, as much as we hope these shows speak to people, whether socially, or Alex’s storyline and what it means to people, at the end of the day, we’re trying to entertain people. We feel like no one is trying harder to just flat-out entertain people than this quartet of shows. So to be able to do a musical episode is so exciting.”

While Music Meister has been confirmed to appear in the crossover, the character has yet to be cast. Fans have expressed interest to see How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris reprise the role from Batman: the Brave and the Bold in live-action. Kreisberg spoke briefly about the casting process and admitted that the team is a fan of Harris.

“We’re certainly huge fans of his. As the casting process proceeds, we’ll see what happens.”

In addition, he was asked about how the musical crossover will deal with the actual songs as there have been discussions to have at least one original song in the event. Kreisberg revealed that they are working that aspect out right now as the scripts are getting finished.

“We’re still working that out right now. We’re still writing the script and trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to do.”

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Supergirl Season 2 returns on Monday, January 23 and The Flash Season 3 on Tuesday, January 24 both respectively at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Comic Book Resources

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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