‘The Flash’: ‘The Wrath Of Savitar’ Review

The Flash 315The Flash followed up with last week’s ending as Wally West hallucinates Savitar being back in town. Back at Star Labs, Iris and Barry tells the team that they are engaged after Barry’s proposal last week. Joe does ask Barry privately why he didn’t ask for his permission first, but that conversation has to wait as the speedsters have to stop a fire.

But Wally starts to see Savitar again as he gets thrown into a car and Barry notices that something is off with Kid Flash. Wally comes clean about his Savitar visions and Barry gets pissed off and benches Wally until they get control of the situation. The team comes up with the idea to use Julian again to contact Savitar like they did last year. Savitar starts speaking through Julian and Barry tries to figure out who Savitar is and their history in the future. Savitar tries to scare Iris and he explains that either him or Iris can live, but not both of them. As Barry tries to find where Savitar is, he runs down to a location that appear to have some Savitar sighting, but it’s just the acolytes and one of them warns Barry that he better move up the wedding with Iris.

Wally asks Cisco to vibe him into the future so he can see what he is up against, despite having to see his sister die. Cisco eventually gives in and vibes them both into the future where they both witness Iris being murdered by Savitar. When Wally returns to the present, he confronts Barry about why he proposed to Iris to begin with. Barry explains that he believed that by proposing to Iris, it would help change the future as when we see Iris die that night, she isn’t wearing an engagement ring. Iris gets upset and leaves as she needs to think about what she just learned.

Caitlin confesses that she has been keeping a part of the Philosopher’s Stone and that is how Savitar is possibly able to tap into the real world from the Speed Force, for a limited amount of time whenever he has popped up. They use the machine on Julian one more time to talk to Savitar as Cisco tries to lock down a location on where he might be. At the West house, Wally has a heart-to-heart with Jesse who tries to help him through what he is going through right now. But Wally then starts to see his mother appear in front of him, but it’s just Savitar messing with his head again. Wally runs off to try and prevent Savitar from escaping out of the Speed Force.

Wally tosses the part of the Philosopher’s Stone into the Speed Force, but unfortunately, he falls right into Savitar’s trap as the evil speedster begin to stuck Wally into the Speed Force just as Barry arrives. Barry demands Savitar to tell him how to get Wally out, but the villain break the news to him that Kid Flash is forever trapped inside the Speed Force. A short fight then takes off, but Barry manages to temporarily get the upper hand after getting stabbed. The episode ends with a speechless team as they try to figure out what to do next.

A lot went down in tonight’s big episode that we want to discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the important moments and highlights of The Flash Season 3 episode: “The Wrath Of Savitar”.

#5: Fallout From Engagement

#4: Savitar Prophecy – “The Traitor” Revealed

#3: Savitar Prophecy – “Fate Far Worse Than Death” Revealed

#2: Speculations On Savitar’s Identity

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


Andy Behbakht

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