5 Things We Want To See In ‘Flashpoint’

5. Cyborg: Leader of the Resistance

FlashpointIn this new world, Cyborg is the most popular hero around. Not only does he have a relationship with the President, but he’s also in charge of a rag-tag team of superheroes who are trying to stop the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. In Flashpoint, Cyborg is essentially Superman. Not only is he the strongest hero there, but he’s also a symbol of hope for young children across the country. Just like regular Cyborg, Victor Stone serves as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling to overcome a physical deformity or any type of adversity.

With the increased presence of Cyborg in the DCU as of late (I’m looking at you Geoff Johns), I have a feeling he’ll pop up in more than just his solo movie and Justice League. This can be a great way to show audiences a new version of the character that hints at some of the technological capabilities he may have in the future as he continues to grow.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Новица Чворовић

    still throwing shade to Zack…
    All i want to see is that they follow animated movie and comics, and i wanna see Ben Aflleck at the end of the movie reading letter from Thomas

  • Rhatih Shandra

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  • xxjinzaxx

    WB productions should never listen to bloggers and the trades ever again. After inviting them to oversee elements of Justice League and provide feedback, things didn’t turn out well. In addition, those bloggers and “journos” quickly washed their hands – never bringing up that they took part in the production of the film. They did contribute to the production. It’s funny how no one talks about that.

  • NightsKing

    They need to hire some talent to rewrite this universe. The best writers are sometimes, animation writers and comic book writers. They need to team up david hayter(yes solid snake) with Geoff johns. Also looks like they are doing a good job with the shazam costume, hopefully they learned from snyders failed redesign. he was always the wrong dude for the dceu. and the producers screwed up trying to force the Nolan tone on these films in suicide squad. If the look and tone were right, these movies could beat marvel. Id hire bruce timm to direct,david hayter and Geoff johns to write. No guidelines, no interference, just let them create. The problem with these movies is they don’t visually look like the comics, they are all grey and blue. It needs some color, although they got batmans tone right for JL and super man and the flash, but the look of their costumes needed to be changed, and the texture. They need to be like black panther’s costume.


    They will make Barry Allen gay to add to diversity in superohero films.

  • Hiring comedy writers to direct Flashpoint? Really? Flashpoint with comedic overtones? Adopt a Thor: Ragnarok approach for Flashpoint? Or even a Spider-Man: Homecoming approach?

    Flashpoint is dark, ominous, apocalyptic, dystopian, and epic. Why would they hire a comedy writer duo for a story like this?