The Food Beats The Squad: Friday Night Box Office

Even though Suicide Squad set record numbers for an August premiere last week, it’s been (temporarily) dethroned. Friday night box office numbers show that the winner the first day this weekend was the R-Rated comedy Sausage Party. The animated film centering on sentient food as they discover the truth of where they exist on the food chain pulled in $13.5 million opening day on 3,103 theaters nationwide. Sausage Party narrowly beat Suicide Squad which made $13.4 million in 4,255 theaters across the country.

All is not lost of Suicide Squad. The DC Comics film is still expected to pull ahead on Saturday and end up making $43 million this weekend. This is a steep decline from last week’s record-setting $133 million opening weekend. Although the films may be slowing down, it’s by no means stopping having already made more than $300 million worldwide.

Projections have Sausage Party making $43 million for its opening weekend. Not bad for a film with a $19 million budget. Disney’s Pete’s Dragon made $8 million and Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep made $2 million.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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